Rock band Fontaines DC sponsors an Irish D1 football team

Rock band Fontaines DC sponsors an Irish D1 football team

“It’s one of the best memories of our career. » Sounds like Fountains DC drummer Tom Cole talking about a show to remember. In fact, it refers to a football match. Or more precisely to the children’s improvised ball game in the south side of Dublin. “It was crazy to see the kids at the club playing with our jerseys on their shoulders”, recalls Cole. The club in question is called Bohemians FC and is an Irish entity. Eleven-time champions and seven-time National Cup winners since their founding in 1890, Dublin’s oldest team has two distinctions: it has always been occupied by its fans (the British speak 100% fan owned) and has a president at its helm who looks beyond the athlete.

It was this context that led to the partnership between Fontaine’s DC and Bohemian. “Daniel Lambert is an incredible person, with a belief in and commitment to the freedoms we love, Summing up Tom Cole. The way he uses the club to help the community is interesting and important. » Understand: If the owner of a local basketball team had the same ideas, Fonine’s DC could sponsor sleeveless jerseys.

Benefits for Irish homeless people

The four members of this post-punk group were not football fans, but were attracted by the social dimension of the project. 15% of profits from each sale of their sponsored 2021-22 away shirt Focus Ireland, an association that helps the destitute in the country. Because people live on the streets “Neither recognized nor normalized” Read on for those who want to order a tunic. Conor Curley, the band’s guitarist, agrees: “The situation in Ireland is difficult. And not everyone tries to solve problems. It is for these reasons that we consider it a great thing that the club has faced this problem. Other sports organizations should follow suit…”

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for Focus Ireland, “The international influence of the group and the bohemians made it possible to shed light on the causes defended and to raise vital funds for the various branches of the structure”. Like the members of Les Fontaines DC, all its staff have many photos sent to them in mind. “It’s amazing to see people all over the world wearing this jersey. The name Focus Ireland has been seen in places we couldn’t even imagine! » When you ask both parties about the likelihood of repeating the experience, the answer merges: “let’s go! “

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