Robin’s visit to the U.S. increases Democratic support for the Irish

Robin's visit to the U.S. increases Democratic support for the Irish

The U.S. Democrats came into force this week to question the British government’s efforts to weaken the Northern Irish deal on Brexit and to support the Irish-EU position.

The political backroom surrounding British Foreign Secretary Dominique Rabb’s visit to Washington has led to signals of consolidation, with high Democrats making it clear that they do not support Dublin due to the UK’s diplomatic ambition against the US.

London has repeatedly warned Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi that there will be no US-UK trade deal if the Belfast deal is compromised: “Don’t mess with the Good Friday deals. ”

Richie Neil, a Democratic congressman, said he and Pelosi, a longtime supporter of Irish and Irish causes in Capitol Hill and the chairman of the Almighty, Wayways Ways and Means Committee, “did not agree” with Rabb after meeting him. According to the UK Secretary-General, there will never be a border between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

The meeting was marked by a strong tweet of support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The 1998 peace agreement warned that Brexit could not be “dangerous.” The White House House contestant tweeted a copy of the letter sent to Boris Johnson by Neil and three other members of Congress.

Accidents to Ireland

“I’m very happy that we spoke in strong unity from Washington,” said Brendan Boyle, a Democratic congressman who was one of Washington’s first politicians to highlight the dangers of Brexit to Ireland.

The Pennsylvania representative said comprehensive support for the peace deal from the upper Democrats has been consistent for several years now.

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“I do not know if this will surprise anyone, especially in London, because we’ve been talking publicly, privately, and very loudly and clearly for a long time,” Boyle described Biden’s tweet as “pitch perfect.”

Dan Mulhall, Ambassador to Washington, Ireland, has kept active contact and brief information on Irish concerns surrounding Brexit throughout American political divisions.

Brexit concerns

Irish insiders continue to see the benefits of the virtual state visit to Pelosi in Ireland last year, with high support for Ireland’s Brexit concerns, boosted by extensive coverage of Robbin’s trip this week – support for Ireland in Washington – in the British media.

“All London has achieved is that more British people are aware of the position that Nancy Pelosi has consistently taken,” said a source in Dublin.

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