Robin Williams wanted to stare at Harry Potter

Robin Williams wanted to stare at Harry Potter

Robin Williams I want to join Saga’s cast Harry Potter In the movie theater. This was recently confirmed by Chris Columbus, who even added the name of a particular character that the actor is interested in.

If the original book has been blowing out its twenty candles for some time, film adaptation Harry Potter and the Magician’s Stone This anniversary is about to be celebrated.

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It was on this occasion that Total Film Magazine spoke to Chris Columbus, director of the feature film and its sequel. The filmmaker has revealed that Robin Williams wants to do a role in the Harry Potter saga, especially to play the role of Remus Lupine there.

Harry Potter does not have Robin Williams because he is not British

Saga fans are well aware that Remus Lupine has appeared Harry Potter and a prisoner in Askaban, Or after the surrender of Chris Columbus. The director explains that the inclusion of Robin Williams in Harry Potter movies is unthinkable very quickly.

“I had a conversation with Robin Williams who wanted Lupine to play. It was very difficult for me to say ‘[On ne prend que des acteurs de nationalité] British. I have nothing to do. “

Eventually, David Thevolis was nominated for the role of Remus Lupine, which he carried up to two parts. Deathly Hallows. In 2016, it was already revealed that Robin Williams was seduced by the character of Rubius Hagrid, who eventually returned to Robbie Coltrane.

With the New York Post, Robin Williams himself expressed this desire, which until the time of his statements, could not yet be realized:

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“There were some roles I wanted to play, but it was forbidden to hire American actors. Maybe one day. If so, so be it [Harry] He went to Yale and became president. ”

Prohibition lifted in a way Stunning animals, A spin-off from Harry Potter. That’s why Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp appeared in this franchise with only these Irish and American examples.

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