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Robert Pattinson took your job

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In an Instagram video, Ben tells his co-star, ‘Say something of interest to them,’ Hey, look at me Jason Born Batman,. “Is Robert Pattinson coming?”

Ben Affleck Not Batman anymore, and Matt Damon He sees this fact as an opportunity to troll his co-star. They recently shared a video with Omas to promote a charity contest that benefits the Eastern Congo Initiative and, and took the time to make fun of Matt Ben for losing the Batman role. Robert Pattinson.

In a short clip, Ben and Matt talk about how to promote competition. “ArgoStarr said, “Say something of interest to them, ‘Hey, see me Jason Born… Batman,…” Matt interrupted before Ben could finish his sentence, “Is Robert Pattinson coming?”

When he returned, he said, “No. Jeremy Renner However, “referring to the fact”Hatred“The actor played the lead role”The Born Legacy“Matt did not allow himself to be lost,” he pointed out, “Jeremy Renner did not play Jason Born. He developed the Bourne universe. “Pattinson took over your job.”

Ben originally planned a Batman movie that he wrote, directed and starred in. “Justice League“Days, but finally he stepped down in 2017 and took over the project from Matt Reeves. Meanwhile, due to his passion, personal issues, and the failures of the” Justice League “, Ben finally left the film altogether. Robert, then 48, is set to release the character in April 2022.

Production of the film was recently stoppedTwilight“The star tested for the corona virus. Fortunately, he returned to the cinema set while taking a photo of a funeral at St George’s Hall in Liverpool, England.

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