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Rival GM: Heat is better than commercial assets

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Dwayne Wade, who spent the first 13 seasons of his career with the Miami Heat, did not fully appreciate the quality of their culture until he joined the Chicago Bulls.

Word made a reference to that view in the Bulls’ locker room, that is Sources tell ESPN’s Sach Low that Jimmy Butler has heard and is with him..

When he was traded from the Butler Bulls to the Minnesota Timorwolves and later to the Philadelphia 76 Series, he never felt satisfied.

“There is no utopia in the NBA. Every team has problems,” Butler’s agent Bernie Lee often told him.

“I always hear: What about Miami?” Lee said. “I can tell if Jimmy had a locker near him for a year and had something to do with someone in a picture with Jimmy, who was the home screen on Jimmy’s phone.”

Butler’s first choice became the Heat, even though they had no cap space.

“We never talked about Miami as a city,” Lee said. “It’s clear that this is a wonderful place with amazing people, but Jimmy is not going to the beach there. Since he’s been there, I think we’re gone to dine less than 10 times and one of them is Super Bowl. Not to mention the tax benefits. . “

As one rival GM put it: “Heat has better than commercial assets.”

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