Rising temperatures .. Meteorology reveals weather for the next 6 days, “first school week”

ارتفاع بدرجات الحرارة.. الأرصاد تكشف حالة الطقس الأيام ال6 المقبلة “أول أسبوع مدرسة”

In its daily report, the Meteorological Authority disclosed the details of the weather for the next 6 days, which is expected to witness a slight increase in temperature during the school year, as well as a slight increase in temperature during the day, so the hot weather will remain moderate during the day and moderate at night, and the country will witness significant early morning heavy rains. Will be in the water, as well as all parents must be vigilant and follow, the Authority reports consistently, beginning with learning and bringing children back to school.

Weather forecast for the next 6 days

According to a report by the General Authority for Meteorology, all parts of the country will witness a slight increase in temperature this week, so daytime hot weather will prevail in Cairo, Lower Egypt and the South. Sinai, northern Upper Egypt, the country experiences hot weather during the day and mild at night on the northern coasts, while in southern Upper Egypt it is very hot during the day, moderate hours at night, with temperatures hovering between two and three degrees.

Weather forecast for the next 6 days

On the other hand, as the country witnesses, dense water fog will form until seven in the morning, and fog will form on agricultural and desert roads leading to the northern coast and Greater Cairo. , Areas close to water and agricultural areas, winds will be active at intervals in southern Sinai and Greater Cairo, and some areas, such as the west coast, will witness intermittent light rainfall, increasing the likelihood of light rainfall of 20% to 30% in the indicated areas, especially in the case of climate change. In the beginning, parents need to pay attention.

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