Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse ‘Furious’ Over XRP Litigation

Ripple-advocaat vliegt SEC-voorzitter in de haren

CEO of Ripple (XRP), Brad Garlinghouse says he is very angry with the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the way they behaved in litigation. According to him, the SEC’s actions in the pending case have nothing to do with enforcing the law, but everything to do with amassing more power.

The case of XRP

On Twitter, Garlinghouse lashed out at the SEC. According to him, the American regulator shows no remorse for the damage it causes to innocent investors and companies. So he argues that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s policy has nothing to do with faithfulness to the law.

“My anger grew as the trial progressed. There is no escape and no retribution for those who file this case. The SEC’s pursuit of a political objective is not “loyalty to the law.” It’s about power. “

And he’s frustrated by the fact that those who file lawsuits will likely face no consequences. According to Garlinghouse, the SEC has even forgotten that as a government agency they are supposed to work for the American people.

“We should all be outraged.”

Garlinghouse made his comments in response to a tweet from a user who suggested the Ripple CEO was using profanity a lot in discussions about the lawsuit with the SEC. He replied that his rage and anger increased as the trial progressed.

The case is nearing its final stage

Over the past few weeks, there have been frequent new developments in the country Wave news Now about the infamous case. For example, the Ripple camp had a few Big wins Booked.

Also, the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to appear with caution. Garlinghouse takes into account the optimism the judge may already have A few months A statement will be made.

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