Riding Olympia 2021 Results: Eventing, Jumping, Dressage – German Riding Team wins next gold

Julia Krajewski aus Deutschland auf Amande de B`Neville holt Gold. Alle bisherigen Ergebnisse für Deutschland im Reiten bei Olympia 2021 im Überblick. Wie viele Medaillen holte das deutsche Team im reiten bisher?

Event Rider Julia Krajevsky Succeeds as First wife gold I Singles At the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 32-year-old from Varandorf advanced to the final on Monday Jump Without falling for Mare Amande DB Neville. The German Event Rider Collected with the fourth The Olympics One medal after another. Thanks for their excellence Performance The German had already succeeded DressSet up the first few days in team one Gold medal Win and then dressing singles Gold and silver Get away.

For event rider Michael Jung, the dream of an Olympic gold hat-trick is over. He took eleven Penalty points Slipped to tenth again. German Event team There is a Medal Lost.

Riding Olympics 2021 Event: Julia Krajevsky wins gold

It tore after the last gold rush to the Olympics Julia Krajevsky Raises fist, then points repeatedly to her horse: 32-year-old “Dear Lion” with Amanda DB Neville As the first woman Everything Olympic champion In Versatility. After moving from the perpetually unfortunate Mary to the Golden Rider of Stallgaz, Krajevsky shed tears on the necks of everyone who came her way.

For Ryder himself, this gold is “the stuff of movies.” Because Krezhevsky had recently had “personal and sad moments, all that can be experienced ups and downs” for years. In Tokyo it does not go down, but upstairs. She won the British Tom McQueen with Toledo and the Australian Andrew Hoy with Vasily.

Krozewski won the race for fourth place in the dress code and an impeccable cross-country ride with two flawless rounds in the jump. Germany won its fourth consecutive individual gold, after Heinrich Romaik in 2008 and Michael Jung in 2012 and 2016. Formerly at the forefront, British Oliver Townend had a throw with the Ballagmore class.

Versatile Olympia 2021: Individual Placements and Penalty Points Results

Julia Krazewski cries out in panic about Olympic gold in the night sky in Tokyo. What are the results and locations of the individual event?

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  • Gold: Julia Krajevsky (Warrendorf) Amanda DB Neville 26.00 Penalty points
  • Friday: Tom Meadow (Great Britain) Toledo de Kerser 29.30
  • Bronze: Andrew Hoy (Australian) Mitt Vasily de Lassos 29.60
  • 4. Kazuma Tomoto (Japan) Mit Vinci de la Vigne 31.90
  • 5. Oliver Townsend (Great Britain) with Ballagmore Class 32.40
  • 6. Nicholas Toussaint (France) Absolute Gold 33.90
  • 7. Christopher Six (France) Totem de Bresi 35.20
  • 8. Michael Jung (Horb) with Chipmunk 36.10

Olympic Skills: Team Results – Placement and Penalty Points

For the German team, it was not enough for a medal in the event. the following Places And Penalty points Teams arrived:

  • Gold: Great Britain (Oliver Town End, Laura Colette, Tom McQueen) 86.30 Penalty points
  • Silver: Australian (Shane Rose, Kevin McNab, Andrew Hoy) 100,20
  • Bronze: France (Christopher Six, Nicholas Toussaint, Karim Laghoug) 101.50
  • 4 Germany (Julia Krajevsky / Varandorf, Sandra Offarth / Ganderkisi, Michael Jung / Horb Amnecker) 114.20
  • 5. New Zealand 116.40
  • 6. USA 125.80
  • 7. Italy 144.80
  • 8. Ireland 177.00
  • 9. China 209.60
  • 10. Switzerland 339.40

Individual attire for the 2021 Olympics: Gold and silver for Germany

One day after the team won the match Dressage rider Jessica von Bredo-Wendell Also known as the Olympic champion in singles. The 35-year-old mentioned her necklace Grand Prix Core Seven-time Olympic champion Isabel Werth (Reinberg) finished second with Bella Rose. Bronze Went to British Charlotte Dujardine in Geo. This was the overall situation for the German Olympic team Third gold medal In Tokyo.

Isabel Worth He also lost silver on the list of the most successful German Olympic participants Front runner Birgit Fisher To open. The 52-year-old, who won seven gold and five silver, is second only to the racing canoe, who won eight gold and four silver.

Results Drosage Olympia 2021: Germany wins second gold medal

The German dressing team won again Gold: 8178 with Points Fell Success Leading the US trio (7747) and Great Britain (7723). Isabel Worth With 83.298 points, the German took the lead before the final rider Jessica von Bredo-Wendell With Delera. Great Britain and the USA remain in second and third place, respectively. The fourth Denmark.

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Dorothy Schneider There was a German dressing team The Olympics Conduct Gold Course with best performance. In her Hanovarian Zelding Showtime, she was the 52-year-old first German rider from Frammerschim. Grand Prix Special There was a slight movement in the piaf passage, a short time passed, but reached a strong 80.608 Percent points And maintained interim leadership. This is the fourteenth German Team Gold In the square since 1928.

Great Britain Initially it was a silver course Carl Hester N scored 78,344 points with Vogue, which seems to be them Denmark And USA To the game of cat and mouse Bronze Involved. But American Adrian Liles She put in an excellent performance with Salvinoy and scored 76,109 points, which gave her team a strong foundation to build on. Stephen Peters and Sassencasper led the way with 77,766 points.

Catherine Dufour The Bohemians were the last couple for Denmark, but unfortunately 77,720 points was not enough to keep the country in contention, especially when the American shut-down Kerry followed up with an incredible 81,596 points. The race for Denmark ended, and soon the British silver medal was in jeopardy. Charlotte Dujard’s and Geo’s high scores of 76,894 put Britain ahead of Lottie Fry and Everdeale.

Jessica von Bredo-Wendell, Isabel Werth and Dorothy Schneider win gold

Hand in hand, Isabel Wert and her two colleagues climbed to the top podium – as they reached the top, the delighted trio raised their hands together. “Simply put,” the German final rider from Bredo-Vernd excited. Schneider exclaimed: “We’re a super team!” They praised: “Super Horse, Super Riders!” Worth did better than Schneider with his necklace Bella Rose. “I’m very happy with Bella, she did a great job,” he commented The most successful rider in the world.

Dorothy Schneider (L-), Isabel Werth and Jessica von Bredo-Wendell from Germany celebrate at the awards ceremony. The German dressing team won gold in front of the USA and Great Britain.
© Photo: Friso Gentsch / DPA

The next competitions in riding at Olympia 2021

On Friday, July 30, the German Raiders continued. Event competitions started. They exist Until August 2nd Contains diversity Three sub jobs: A test on dressage, field and jumping.

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Riding at the 2021 Olympics: Everything About Schedule and TV Broadcasting

Horse riding enthusiasts can participate until August 7, 2021 Dressage ride such as Matches I Jump And Event riding Be happy. But on what days and at what time at the 2021 Olympics will you be able to see dressage, jumping and event? ARD, ZDF, live, stream – Where the ride will be broadcast in the Olympics 2021. A review and answers to these questions can be found here for reading.
Schedule, playing time, broadcast, TV - When do German women and men play hockey?

Procedure Olympia 2021 Dressing Riding – How are the results of the ride?

Am Saturday, July 24, 2021, was the first day of dressage riding in person and team Sunday The second day. The Grand Prix Figures in Tokyo Qualification For team decisions and individual evaluation. There are six groups of ten riders, including 15 teams and 15 individual riders. The top eight teams from the Grand Prix will determine the team’s Olympic champion in the Grand Prix Special on July 27. Three riders make up a team, there is no longer a cancellation result, all results are included in the evaluation. The Grand Prix Freestyle is all about the individual medals on July 28th. Two top couples and six “lucky losers” from each Grand Prix group are eligible.

The Teams According to the new regulations in Tokyo – unlike the previous one – only three Mating. All results count, typical of EM and World Cup Deletion result Not applicable.

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