Revive all the trials of the match at the Six Nations tournament

Revive all the trials of the match at the Six Nations tournament

Representing the fourth day of the Six Nations tournament, Saturday, March 12, was a semi-final match between the English and the Irish at Twickenham. Second and third in the standings, the British fought for second place before the final day of XV de la Rose’s transfer to France. After four attempts, Andy Farrell’s men won the battle.

Sixth Minute: James Lowe strikes from the inside (0-8).

The Irish dominated early in the meeting, with a numerical advantage from the fourth minute of the match and a red card to Charlie Evals. During several periods of play, they went all over the field, with New Zealand-born winger James Low making the first attempt at the end of the match. After passing the first penalty, Jonathan Sexton missed the conversion.

37th: Ireland split before half time (6-15)

From James Lowe’s first attempt, XV de la Rose fought back. Two penalties from his striker Marcus Smith, allowing him to stay in touch, are two smaller points than the Irish. However, the Greens need only one chance to move forward. Three minutes before the break, after the turmoil, they made a new attempt through Hugo Keenan. This time, Jonathan Sexton’s transition passes between the poles, and when he returns to the locker room, Ireland is a little different.

No rest or gifts from the Irish!  Clover XV accelerates again and Gibson Park cleverly rediscovers Keenan's breach!  Sexton converts easily, for green men it is 17-6!

72nd: Irish widening gap (15-25)

Thanks to a controlled but effective game (15-15) the English returned to the draw and doubted the Irish. More precisely in the game of “ping-pong rugby”, the second settles in the English camp. After a long possession, substitute third-rower, Jack Conan, made his third attempt of the match, K.O.

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After a long Irish retention, the ball moved to the right and Jack Conan scored the third Irish try, Liberation try!  Sexton transforms without worries, it's 25-15 for the XV of Clover!

75th: Clover wins XV attack bonus (15-32)

In the context of the third attempt, the Irish will definitely outplay their opponents. The fourth attempt of the day, the bonus, presents a controlled end to the match. Exhausted for more than an hour, arguing against the 14th and 15th, the English exploded.

In his 20th attempt at the tournament, Ireland won a bonus from Twinkenham thanks to a great move from James Low, and it was Belham who flattened the English in-goal!  Sexton transforms, XV of Clover 32-15!

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