Revival of defunct nuclear reactors raises questions

Revival of defunct nuclear reactors raises questions

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Due to an uncertain energy situation as winter approaches, the government and EDF have decided to restart all French nuclear reactors by February 2023. An unrealistic schedule for some experts.

Will we get enough electricity for the winter? A question that crossed the minds of the French, but the government wanted to reassure. Energy Transition Minister Agnes Pannier-RĂ¼nacher suggests: “EDF is committed to restarting all nuclear reactors“.

Of the 56 existing reactors in French territory, 32 have been shut down for the time being. But according to EDF, everything will be operational by February 2023. However, the nine reactors raise a question given their dilapidated state. Some of them have cracks in the circuits that allow the reactor to cool. The Nuclear Safety Authority says no reactor will go without its green light, a schedule some experts consider utopian. However, 17 reactors were idle last winter, which led to the cuts, EDF said.

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