Review: Return to Seoul – Cineuropa

Review: Return to Seoul - Cineuropa

– Cannes 2022: Davy Chow proves his mettle with a very successful second fiction feature, a start to a stormy and heartbreaking journey to the source of an adoption.

Ji-Min Park Dance Return to Seoul

“Do you know that I can erase you from my life with one finger?” The emotions of adopted children are far more complex than average, a suppressed mixture of more or less strong or distressing desire to know their biological parents, internal and external barriers that prevent us from being flooded with immeasurable emotions. All the power to destabilize. But whatever the progress or reluctance, once it decides to get to know its parents, it is a new score that never learns, and tries to evaluate its content at a glance and decode its signs and dangers. This is a subject that the Franco-Cambodian filmmaker has dealt with with great zeal and skill. Davy Chow With Return to Seoul [+lire aussi :
interview : Davy Chou
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Presented at the Uncertainty Regard Selection of ’75 Cannes Film Festival. A very beautifully wrapped film, through which the director continues his rise in fiction, beginning in 2016 and already in the closet, has garnered a lot of attention. Diamond Island [+lire aussi :
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At Critics Week.

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“Would you try to find your parents? – No.” Her typical Korean face, the Frenchman Frederick Benoit, fascinates young people for two weeks during the holidays (when flights to Japan are canceled) in the “land of morning calm” and she overflows with them. A go-getter, and more quickly if needed, it does not fit into a more diplomatic atmosphere culture. Freddie (Ji-Min Park) A photo of a 25-year-old (she believes it represents her mother) as the only memory of her homeland, she does not know what to do (she does not even speak Korean), but she does take steps. Quickly tell him what cities his father lives in (Kwang-Rock Oh) And his biological mother. The first responds to a telegram sent by the center and invites the daughter to the family for the weekend. This is the beginning of an eight year storm journey …

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A very beautiful portrait of a young woman torn between violent conflicting emotions and unconsciously between two countries, Return to Seoul Between Freddie’s many states, with no influence on the party or things, a dyke (over four periods) is systematically created that causes her to accept a hidden grief that torments her and a very widespread sense of guilt. (“He cries every time he drinks and talks about you”) and the almost inaccessible mother. Davy Chow, who skillfully holds the reins of contained and trembling emotions, is well wrapped up in an opening travelogue, while simplifying his subject through interesting scenes about the clash of cultures and a sequence that fully expresses the energy of youth. . A seductive mix of Sony Pictures classics (for North America, Latin America, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand) and MUBI (for the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, India, Turkey and Southeast Asia).

Produced by Aurora Films and co-produced by WonderTastic Films and Frocas Productions. Return to Seoul mk2 Films.

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