Review of the PePe Cat Hair Dryer from Shopee, a breed that makes the life of a cat slave better. This is a must have item!

รีวิว เครื่องเป่าขนแมว PePe จาก Shopee ไอเทมที่ทำให้ชีวิตทาสแมวดีขึ้น ของมันต้องมี !
  • Dry ForBlow drying It takes about 1.30 hours to dry, and if not dried, you can add more time. Or you can remove the cat from the device before time runs out. When blowing, you can take the cat out to brush your hair without opening the lid and turning off the machine. No need to start all over again
  • Care Does not focus on blow drying, but ratherHelps to eliminate germs Keep your cat’s fur and skin clean with an ionizer system or the release of negative ions. Help to catch and disinfect dirt and sewage, no need to bathe, you can use this mode. For this mode, the slave in this house usually takes the cat for a walk in the garden. Wipe your feet and put them in the dryer. Or I put it in the machine to make the smell of urine feel clean when the cat urinates. Can reduce unpleasant odors

Other Features of Cat Hair Dryer

  • There is also a bio-pad on the floor to absorb water and moisture from the cat’s feet. Do not make lead trapped in the machine
  • It has a built-in filter that helps to filter hair and dust. No hair can come out of the machine to fly home.
  • Information that there is PTC.Pepe Cat does not burn the oxygen contained in the semiconductor chamber of the hair dryer. Also there are no moving objects inside the machine so safety is ensured even after prolonged blow dry
  • The machine is made of HDPE plastic and is durable and strong.
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Benefits of using a cat hair dryer

From the experience of using a cat hair dryer for more than a year, it has been found that it has many advantages that are different from the traditional hair dryer method.

  1. Reduces fear and significantly reduces cat anxiety about blow drying. Do not shock the cat because the wind is noisy, warm and comfortable with the right strength
  2. This can make cats feel more positive about bathing and blow drying. In the past I knew I had to take a shower if I was put in the bathroom. The cat will run and hide. Now bathing is very easy. Because there is no need to be afraid when your hair breaks
  3. The cat did not harm the slave. Or put a mark on the nails and fight back while blowing hair, I enjoy.
  4. While waiting for the hair to fall out, the slave had time to do other things. Previously, it took hours for the 5 slaves to get tired and almost die, but now they have time to sit down and watch a movie. Enjoy reading until I almost forgot about the cat, haha.
  5. Take good care of your cat’s hygiene. Bathe more often because bathing is no longer a difficult task. By using the care mode frequently, you can feel clean and reduce the cat’s odor.
  6. In addition to the hair dryer to dry cat hair. The cat is used as a bed during the day, haha, because the floorboards give a cool feeling. When you open the lid, release the cat. Cats often find themselves in the machine preferring to sleep during the day.
  7. The inside of the machine is very wide. Can breed up to 2 cats at a time. Save time.
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Feeling after use Buying a cat hair dryer, is it worth it?

Let me tell you when there is a cat pao cabinet.Life is great Mentally and physically. Mentally That is, I do not feel sad or in pain when I see my favorite cat scared. It is the joy of slaves like us to see him sitting comfortably and happily. Body sideThe incidence of being forced to bathe cats is very low. And there is plenty of time to do other things.

In conclusion, buying a cat hair dryer to use this time is considered very valuable.And our time to replace the fear of children What the author thinks That is the most valuable thing.

I hope readers and cat slaves like this article 🙂

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