Review of Asterix & Obelix XXXL: Ram from Hibernia – Nintendo Switch – ntower

Review of Asterix & Obelix XXXL: Ram from Hibernia - Nintendo Switch - ntower

For many, Asterix and Obelix mean a part of childhood. Ghouls are known and loved by many, whether it’s a cartoon character or an appearance in animated movies. They’re still busy today, and now they’re showing another side of themselves on Nintendo Switch in Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram from Hibernia. Although the adventure was possible Our preview Already convincing and intriguing, but you can find out in the test here whether the final product lives up to our expectations.

Different parts of the game world are full of life and leave a good impression.

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In Microids’ production Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram from Hibernia, you play a chapter in the lives of the named characters that takes them both to Hibernia. If you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t be surprised. Hibernia is now known as Ireland. Similar to the Gauls in France, a small village in Hibernia defends itself against the Roman advance. While the Gauls work miracles of strength with the potion Miraculix, the small village of Hibernia draws its power from a ram with golden horns. To weaken the village, the Romans kidnapped the ram, robbing the village of its courage and strength. Keratina, daughter of the village chief, cannot bear this. She travels to France to seek the help of Asterix and Obelix, the heroes of the Great Wars.

The plot of Asterix & Obelix XXXL: Ram from Hibernia is typical of the franchise. In addition to lively and well-drawn characters, there are strong and humorous dialogues that are in no way inferior to the charm of the comics. The plot is exciting as Asterix and Obelix arrive in Hibernia as strangers and learn new customs and cultural peculiarities there. Without prejudice, the two heroes help the village with their dog, which is only associated with the Gallic village.

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The entire game is shown in a bird’s eye view. This point of view is logical, because the easy-to-use multiplayer mode can be fully drawn. In this environment you control a character, mainly Asterix or Obelix, and try to get from A to B. On the way various Romans stand in the way. You hit them with punches, menhirs, or special attacks. Outside of these fights, you move around and explore the mostly linear game world. The environmental puzzles try to break up this part of the monotonous gameplay, but fail due to the lack of complexity in the course of the adventure. The real highlight is the fights, which allow not only the button bashing, but also the more complex control options to shine. Successful actions are reflected in points, which is an important factor for motivation.

Fights are often wild and there is a risk of losing track.

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The controls of the game are smooth and easy to learn. You can run, jump, attack and dodge. The shoulder buttons are intended for particularly powerful attacks that require charging. The controls will definitely be fun for anyone who likes to experiment. There is nothing more fun than using a Roman as a club and throwing it at other soldiers.

The controls are particularly family-friendly, which may be a major concern for developers. Adults or video game veterans will quickly discover the controls and enjoy the intricacies. Kids or beginners will do well with simple key combinations. This situation is crucial as the game is designed as a solo and multiplayer game.

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Up to four players can join the adventure through the menu. Each player needs a Joy-Con or comparable controller. Easy access to adventure in local multiplayer is a big plus, and it wins the multiplayer award outright. The story mode can be enjoyed entirely by four people, providing entertainment for the whole family. Small interesting details are also built into the multiplayer mode. This allows players to hit each other without taking damage. It will be a great adventure on the home screen. When people choose the same trait, they have different colored dyes, which makes them easy to distinguish.

The visual and auditory tasks involved in this production are as adventurous as playing together. Not only does the game shine with German subtitles – it also features a high-quality German voice cast. The sounds sound authentically mixed and give the whole game a real character. The soundtrack of the game is adequate and comes with catchy melodies and upbeat tracks. The special effects are also impressive. Graphically, the game is well executed with its 3D environment reminiscent of the comic style. The game plays graphically, is rich in detail and fits like a glove. Frame rate is not an issue in most cases. However, dips can occur during some combat sequences, especially when there’s a lot going on on screen.

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