Review: Amazing – Sinuropa

Review: Amazing - Sinuropa

– Sebastián Lelio’s new work represents a novelty in terms of his filmography; Another terrific commentary by Florence Pugh and a revelation by Killa Lord Cassidy

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Sebastian LelioThe director is seen competing for his new film San Sebastian International Film Festival’s Golden Shell for the first time. The Chilean director returns four years after his previous work, and he does so in the company of one of the biggest stars of the moment: Astounding. Florence Pugh. with wonder [+lire aussi :
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The filmmaker explores period film for the first time, inspiration Emma DonoghueThe novel of the same name. The film adaptation of this fascinating story takes us to Ireland in the mid-eighteenth century. Set in a small village, the story revolves around Ana, a girl who hasn’t eaten anything for months but is still, miraculously, alive.

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The opening of the film is a bit more interesting. In an industrial warehouse, we see a series of sets built on scaffolding, while an off-screen voice invites us to delve deeper into the story the film narrates, asking us to believe in it with the same passion as the hard-working people. To bring it to life. Soon, we follow the camera on set and find ourselves face-to-face with the main character, Lib, played with brilliant power by Pugh. Lib is an English nurse hired by the authorities of the village where Ana lives. Her mission is to stay by the girl’s side to witness the extraordinary event taking place.

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At the beginning, Lelio asks the audience for patience because things are slow – the same speed that governs the lives of the inhabitants of this small village. As the film demands, we explore their reality with its protagonist and learn that Lib is not easily fooled. Her difficult past forces her to keep her feet on the ground, and she tries to uncover the truth behind a miracle she doesn’t believe in. At this point, it’s best to let the audience figure out the mystery. The movie itself.

But it’s fair to highlight the qualities of this film, which develops with such precision that it seems more precise, formally speaking, more classic than the previous works of the Chilean director. Meanwhile, the most technically accomplished aspect of the film Ari Wegner‘s brilliant cinematography, after its recent Oscar nomination, impresses once again The power of the dog [+lire aussi :
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Florence Pugh’s amazing work in this film is worth mentioning once again as she continues her excellent performances in high quality films. Among the various co-stars, Toby Jones And Tom Burke Use their characters as perfect vehicles to showcase their abilities. But the real revelation of the film is its youth Lord Cassidy of KillaThe amazing Ana’s interpretive performance reaches levels desired only by the most talented.

wonder It is being produced by Ireland’s Element Pictures and UK’s House Productions and will be available worldwide courtesy of Netflix.

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