Rev. Philip Sheffield Richard Coles asked live on BBC Radio

Rev. Philip Sheffield  Richard Coles asked live on BBC Radio

Rev. Richard Coles asked presenter Philip Schofield for a date on his BBC Radio 4 show on Saturday morning.

Richard, who has been unmarried since her husband’s death last year, invited Schoff to the show to chat about his autobiography, Life What You Make.

In his new book, Lifes What You Make It, Philip discusses his long showy career, his decision to come out, and the moment he told Holly about his true sexuality.

During the chat, the host left Philip, who came out gay earlier this year, and he was shocked when he asked the game for dinner.

Richard asked: “Are you looking for Philip’s company? Broadcaster, gay, middle class. Drink? Dinner?”

Philip replied: “Are you asking me?”

Rev. Richard Coles asked Philip Schofield, the presenter this morning, for a date on his Radio 4’s Saturday Morning Live.

Co-host Shawn Kewani then said strangely: “I feel like a gooseberry right now.”

This morning in February, Philip revealed his sexuality in a tearful joint interview with teammate Holly Willow.

Phil shed tears on Friday praising Holly, a longtime friend and co-star on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast show.

Singing her hymns, Google said: “Holly is amazing, literally, the best mate.

“She’s calm and serene, irrational and balanced. Not just me, but Steph.”

Richard has been unmarried since her husband died last year

Chris told Philip that he did not recognize her when they last met because she was losing weight.

He said: “Holly gave me a look, and I thought – um – something was going on here – you were like a little old man, because you had none.”

Philip replied: “You will disappear within yourself, and then you will be lost. What you are doing is thinking of whatever is on your mind.”

“I have to talk, even if you’m not the one talking, and it’s not something you do. If you’re in trouble, you can not do it yourself, it will eat you up.

Philip revealed his sexuality this morning in February

“I’m not who I am now. I’m lost myself. I’m still not found myself if I’m honest.

The ITV star continued: “I do not know if I’ve found myself yet. I think I’m looking right.

“I recently found it easier to laugh more – it’s always funny with Holly, we always have a laugh. But you think – oh, it’s nice to laugh, it feels good. So finding me is the goal of the moment.”

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