Return to the Cocoboys Tag Tournament – Medialot

Return to the Cocoboys Tag Tournament - Medialot

The success of this fourth edition.

With over 180 competitors or 14 teams including Greta Cork from Ireland, the Castellnaudis Cocoboys hosted a major tag rugby tournament on Saturday 23 April. If there is no weather, the morale of the soldiers, rugby players and rugby women who clash with each other in a very friendly atmosphere throughout the day in the stadium will not be affected. The French Federation of Tag Rugby 2016 was created by Herv പാല Palos. It brings together 13 affiliated clubs, including the popular “Cocoboys”. The tag is derived from rugby played on a mixed team without contact. To prevent the attacking team from scoring a try, one of the ball carrier tags must be removed. Each player has two tags fastened with velcro on either side of his waist. “The tag was launched in Castellnow in 2018. In fact, when I took over as president of Cocoboys, I expressed a desire to switch to this system. It allows players who are not in the COC to stay in the club and maintain an activity. The girls make it possible and, of course, bring more points when they score. To be continued: “In 2019, the Cocoboys went to Cork, Ireland to play a much more advanced tag tournament than France. So of course we were waiting for Greta Cork to offer them a return match. Everything was planned to receive them in 2020, but the health crisis invited. Fortunately, we were able to keep this tournament and this 4th edition.

Les Taggers de Billom, the Tag Rugby Club Pays de Fayence, Rugby Tag de Fronton, Les Vieilles Grappes de Moissac, Les Valparès de Lalbenque, the Brasserie de Ratz team … Les Cocoboys n Other teams that have not skipped have come from far and wide. Welcome, Quersey Blanc’s legacy discovery and visit to the Coquelle Estate to specially encourage all teams. Ludovic Bonnet is very happy these days and good feedback gives him the strength to stay at this good pace.

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> Tag is for those who want to practice rugby in a soft way, the Cocoboys from Castellnoud train every Friday evening. Only if you are over 16 years old.

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