Restrictions on visiting other people’s homes may affect Dublin and Limerick

Restrictions on visiting other people's homes may affect Dublin and Limerick

If the increase in Covid-19 cases in both cities does not stabilize over the weekend, people in Dublin and Limerick will be barred from visiting other people’s homes.

The government is considering restricting the movement of people similar to the one introduced in Glasgow, where domestic meetings are seen as a catalyst for an increase in infections.

The Nicola Sturgeon government has responded to the rapid increase in cases in Scotland’s second city by restricting people from visiting other’s homes or hosting people from other homes into their own homes.

At the same time, it allowed pubs and restaurants to remain open and allowed people to visit the dot door.

A total of 307 new cases were reported on Tuesday, the highest number since mid-May and the first death in a month. On Tuesday, 307 new cases were reported, the first death in a month. Since the pandemic began to surpass 30,000, the highest daily number of new infections by mid-May was 30,080.

Of the new cases, 182 are in Dublin. The Chief Medical Officer has expressed concern over the rising number of cases in the capital. Ronan persuaded Glenn.

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