Restoration of the Argent & ASI 2016-20 study: Outcomes of the study

Restoration of the Argent & ASI 2016-20 study: Outcomes of the study

With the data collected ending in 2020, it will be difficult to fully assess the consequences of the Kovid crisis in UPS. However, by 2020, there will be a slowdown in growth in resources and manpower.

A reversal in the growth of international public resources was observed, and the increase in French funding (especially in connection with the extraordinary assistance relating to the health crisis) offset this decline. Only very small UPSs will see funding decline in 2020.

The study of personal UPS data highlights very different situations. Thus 47% of the UPS in our sample experienced a decline in their resources by 2020; Including 12% who showed less than 20%. vice versa, While it is only 14% to estimate that the leaders in question experienced an increase in their resources, they are actually 53% when we look at the accounting data we have passed on; Of that, 23% experienced growth of more than 20%. This growth has been driven by increased demand, especially for humanitarian ASIs. In this case, the support work for France to handle the situation and respond to requests in the field felt heavy.

Finally, the health crisis forced ASIs and their teams to adapt, deploy new activities urgently, and rethink ways to deal with strong dynamics or tight control of organizational conflicts.

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