Restoration institutions, as well as Sasoforato in the royal palace of Avora

Restoration institutions, as well as Sasoforato in the royal palace of Avora

Made in Italy, it marks the rebirth of a gem of European architecture. ‘S long recovery operation Ora Royal Palace (Portugal), returning to its luxury, Dionysus technologies, excellence in green chemistry for construction, and strong experience in the conservative restoration of architectural heritage. Diocese focused on rehabilitation, dehydration, and thermal insulation interventions: applying and studying innovative and environmentally friendly cork-based plasters to preserve the building’s historical integrity and ensure the sustainable redevelopment of this basic testament to the Portuguese architectural renaissance. Diacen in the Sasoforato plant.

And improving and preserving the glorious buildings of historical and artistic heritage – underscores Diego’s CEO Diego Mingarelli – is a source of great satisfaction. Thanks to their ability to integrate basic assets into the restoration and renovation of historic buildings, we were selected for this project to specialize in our solutions based on products that are perfectly suited for the re-project establishment. From this point of view, it is no coincidence that the Symbolic Foundation recently included Dyson in a report on the 100 Most Important Stories of Conservative Architecture.

Also known as the Palazzo Dome Manual, the palace was originally built as a convent in the 13th century and became a royal residence in the 14th century. The beautiful city of Ovora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is reclaiming one of the most beautiful testimonies in its history. “Dyson’s intervention – reads note – enabled it to solve some of the problems that plagued the royal palace at Ovora: Thanks to the high performance plaster of the walls and the existing structures over the centuries, the great need for environmentally sound rehabilitation, dehydration interventions and the basic need for thermal insulation in a city that reaches very high temperatures in the summer is essential. Diasen is a leading player in worldwide interventions in Portugal, including historic buildings such as Campedoglio in Rome, archeological sites such as Bruna Boin in Ireland, and ancient monasteries such as the Habana Viza or Convento de Jesus in protected urban areas of Havana. Dyson’s green career begins with the selection of raw materials: ork Cork is sustainable and reproducible. It is sustainable because it is a bark: you do not need to cut down trees to get a lot of cork, but there are as many as possible. It can be renewed every 10 years as it is renewed. A production model that is a clear example of a circular economy is added to this: Diacen uses surplus cork in the production of corks (thus eliminating impurities) in the production of mortars and paints, adopting sustainable and natural processes and materials. Cork, the birthplace of the world’s leading manufacturer, Portugal, is a successful model.

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