Restaurants and gastropubs to reopen from tomorrow

Restaurants and gastropubs to reopen from tomorrow

In the second phase of easing the Level 5 restrictions, cafes, restaurants and food bars will be allowed to reopen from tomorrow.

With the reopening of other areas on December 1, including non-essential retail stores, hairdressers and beauticians, the majority of the hospitality sector is now ready to follow suit, except for wet pubs.

The decision to close pubs that do not pay for food has drawn strong criticism. On Wednesday, the licensed Winters Association (LVA) and the Winters Federation of Ireland (VFI) issued a joint statement. ‘Fraudulent’ data To close some pubs.

Without providing evidence to support this, the government pointed out that damp pubs are more likely to spread the virus.

Their evidence calls for fraudulent use of information and huge gaps in analysis, ”said VFI Chief Executive Padreig Kriben.


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Despite opposition to the revised guidelines, the government and public health officials are backing the decision. Sam McConaughey, a professor at the Royal College of Surgeons, said allowing restaurants to reopen was risky.

“I personally would be more in control of things, because we know that there are important events in these busy social events where people talk and sing.”

He said the risk posed by special arrangements depends on safety precautions and compliance with public guidelines. McConaughey added.

Taoist Michael Martin confirmed that wet pub owners will receive additional support to help in the New Year, but Independent TD Matty McGrath said many pubs will not survive the closures.

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