Researchers are working on a mineral that is thought to be impossible to find on Earth

Researchers are working on a mineral that is thought to be impossible to find on Earth

Researchers at the University of Nevada have made an unexpected discovery: The mineral davemaoite. If geologists doubt its existence, they have not yet been able to find it on the surface Land.

A big step for geography

This is the review Science, Dating from this past Thursday, it brought us information. The discovery was made by a small team of researchers led by geologist Oliver Schner More than 660 km below the Earth’s surface A type of mineral that has not yet been observed.

Davemavoite found A diamond found in Botswana. According to the researchers, the sample measured only a few micrometers. Before being caught, a small piece of diamond served as a container High energy passed into X-rays. That is how geologists were able to determine the extent of their findings.

A mineral that causes problems

The mineral was first synthesized in the laboratory in 1975. He could never be found naturally. In contact with surface pressure, davemaoite Decomposes into other materials. This phenomenon therefore makes its extraction particularly difficult or impossible in the natural environment.

Moreover, at the time of its analysis, Davemavoite would not be intact for long. She will literally have After a second it was transferred to the glass. This time, in short, will allow us to learn more about this precious mineral.

The findings of these researchers offer new perspectives to geologists. The structure of the diamond, the location of the mineral or the circumstances that led to its extraction allow To learn more about the structure of the Earth’s crust All the minerals available there. If so Scientific discoveries You are interested, we hope this article arouses your interest: A new patient who is considered to have been officially cured of HIV infection without being transplanted.

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