Research: Longer than first people in America thought

Research: Longer than first people in America thought

The research for the discovery has been published in the journal Science Science. Conclusions Underlined by peers, this represents a startling breakthrough: so far, most scientists agree that man landed on the American continent 16,000 years ago.


So this finding means that there is a gap of thousands of years of knowledge about human history in the United States.

The subject of the first man in America has long been debated in science. This is not the first time humans have been thought to have existed before. But the findings that point to this so far mainly include spearheads and other tools. The evidence will be inadequate.

Footprints found in excavations at White Sands National Park in New Mexico provide a more reliable indication. “A footprint in the soil can’t move up or down as much as attributes can,” says one researcher. Against the BBC.

Children and adolescents

An American team of geologists was able to get the prints from the top and bottom layers at any time. It was completed between 21,000 and 23,000 years ago.

According to researchers, the footprints are from young children and teenagers. They do not know exactly what they did, but they may have helped the adults in the hunting ceremony used by the Native Americans.

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