Research funding cuts are affecting science, researchers say

Research funding cuts are affecting science, researchers say

Biologists Ivan Glocio Paulino Lima and Rubens Duart say that if there had been a shortage of professors, resources for equipment or reactors, and research funding during student time, they might even have changed jobs.

Research does not exist as a government priority. This is seen as an expense, not an investment. This is a completely distorted view. I hope we can change this situation over time. It’s not easy, but the consequences are felt on the skin to make the Kovid-19 vaccine, ”says Lima.

Of the 3,080 doctorates and postdoctorates approved by CNPIC (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) in 2021, only 396 will be awarded scholarships. This equates to 13% of all research projects that meet all the prerequisites. Get qualified.

Duarte points out that he completed a five-year degree and a two-year master’s degree at UEL. “UEL was the basis of my studies, which allowed me to pursue a doctorate in USP (University of Sോo Paulo). I wanted to work with research in the extreme surroundings, and UEL did not offer a doctorate in this area. There is no better example than to talk about how satisfied I was, I still have the opportunity to study with good teachers like I had at UEL. I was a scholarship holder for three years at the postgraduate level and later at the Masters. ”

Duarte says he would not have developed his career as he did if he had not been given it during his student days. “For the past few years, we’ve been trying to survive as much as possible.”

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