Republic of Ireland U21- Italy U21 0-2, Report Cards: Luke Driver. Resource Chancellors

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Republic of Ireland U21- Italy U21 0-2

Republic of Ireland U21

Maher6 – Limits inactivity to the detriment of his team by proving his innocence on the occasion of both Blue goals.

O’Brien5 – 1-0 Opponent’s goal is to make a center-right propping patrol, with a strange intervention of the chest.

McGuinness 5,5 – Leads Crawford’s successors by allowing Cancelley in the event of Blue doubling.

Bagan 6,5 – Mid-left serve he controls enthusiastically, in the second half, a delicious goal ball for Tionic.

O’Connor L. 5,5 – He suffers from right wing, often, Azurini’s aggressive methods.

Kilkenny 5,5 – Before the minutes gradually subside, start positively for an external conclusion (Dal 76 ‘Tierney5 – He takes over from the shy Kilkenny, swallowing the 1-1 potential ball from both stages).

Coventry6 – Act in the middle of the field, performing both stages of the game conscientiously.

Wright 6,5 – He regularly immerses himself in serving with his left hand, often, with some notable crosses.

Smallbone 5,5 – He works behind the wheel, despite his commitment, and tries to endanger himself (Dal 76 ‘Devoy6 – Smallbone replaces Irish team with new life).

Number 5 – He plays a left-handed attacking midfielder performing anonymously (56 ‘from Ebosele 6 – He takes the place of a dull nose, giving a pinch of impetus to the Irish invasion).

Whelan5 – He walks in front of the attack without giving Nicoloto’s successors a headache (Branch 56 ‘Ogunfolu-Code 6 – Acquired from a conquered wheel that provides new solutions in attack).

Everything. James Crawford5 – A 2-0 defeat against Italy would practically never give the impression of a resumption of play.

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Italy U21

Carnesechi7 – Keeps his own clean sheet by denying Tion 1-1 with a stunning save.

Bellanova6 – Supports blue attack tactics and compensates for obvious deficiencies in the defensive phase.

About 6 – He disciplines Nicoloto’s defense by setting it up with quality and carefully covering it.

Lovato6 – Do not leave early due to an injury and make major mistakes under the defensive side (34 ‘from Pirola 6 – He takes over from Lovato without making big mistakes under the defensive side).

Cambiaso 6,5 – Touch the personal network in the second half and go through the left lane.

Rowella 7 – Luca signed 1-0 with his cross, he handles a lot of balls efficiently.

Eposito Sa. 6 – Arrange the ball neatly in the middle of the field and play in front of the defense.

Ricky6 – He gives the blue median resourcefulness, failing for the decisive game.

Colombo 6 – Defend his performance, otherwise a little is not enough, in the end the opposing goalkeeper Maher is upset (86 ‘From Cancellieri 7 – On the counter-attack, the last 2-0 blue-collar goal was identified and replaced by Colombo.

Luke 7,5 – Fights against the entire Irish rearguard who becomes the captain of a goal and assist.

Vignato 6.5 – Pointing to the man who is constantly trying, again and again, the conclusion from the outside (From 90 ‘+ 2 Muleteers sv – He takes the place of Vignato who has no time or means to evaluate enough).

At Paulo Nicoloto7 – “English style” wins over Ireland, a look like Peeky Blinders.

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