Reporters file a complaint against Without Borders Facebook for fraudulent marketing practices

La plainte vise les filiales Facebook France et Facebook Irlande, via lesquelles le groupe exerce ses activités en France.

According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the “massive” spread of this content on Facebook is tantamount to a breach of the social network’s commitment to its users. The NGO on Monday lodged a complaint with the Public Prosecutor in Paris In a press release.

According to the Organization for the Protection of Media Freedom, the complaint is based on “obvious contradictions between the commitments of social network users and the reality of its operation” and “various testimonials and quotations”. From former employees of the company ”. It targets Facebook France and Facebook Ireland subsidiaries, with the group operating in France.

Death threats

The RSF intends to demonstrate that the commitment manifested in the general use circumstances of the American group is “primarily based on false allegations.” As the platform pledges to work to maintain a “safe and error-free environment”, the association points to multiple types of hateful content and fake news that thrive on the network.

Evidence in support of the RSSF’s complaint includes death threats against Charlie Hebdo’s journalists, hate speech against journalists on the Quotidian program, and the Union newspaper.

Posting of videos such as the documentary “Hold Up” or Maniganzas-19, which is alleged to have relayed GoTor consultation essays, was also isolated. According to the NGO, this is “fraudulent commercial training,” a punishable offense that can “reach up to 10% of the average annual turnover”.

Similar complaints in other countries

If the spread of such messages is not limited to France, the RSF explains that it has decided to file a complaint in France, where consumer law is particularly appropriate. The organization added that “Facebook’s terms of service are the same everywhere on earth and that a court decision in France will have a global impact on their misleading behavior” and that it is “studying how to file similar complaints in other countries”.

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Several complaints against social networks in France began in the coming months. In early March, 14 feminist activists took Facebook to court, harassing users without prosecution for allegedly censoring some of their Instagram subsidiary posts.

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