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Report: Turks are the largest buyers of virtual land on metaverse platforms

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A report published by the Anadolu Agency states that Turks represent the largest percentage of virtual land buyers selling on Metawares platforms.

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They said: “Since the early days of the Internet, as represented by Web 1.0, Web 2.0 has moved users’ expectations and needs for the opportunity for the user to read, interact, and share content.

“Web 3.0 Generation, which allows decentralized use of the Internet without having to manage all data from one source and ensures protection against intrusion, has led to the emergence of a new generation of new concepts called” metawares “.

The word metaverse is derived from “meta” meaning “beyond or future”, the universe in English, meaning “universe”, a system that provides users with an atmosphere where real and virtual worlds meet.

Murat Kessler, a lawyer who specializes in communication law, told the Anadolu agency in an interview that similar to the early days of the Internet service, “metawares” witnessed a lack of regulatory rules and regulations.

“There is a huge demand from Turks for land sales platforms in the virtual world,” he said, adding that “on these platforms, the world map is divided into smaller areas and offered for sale.”

He added, “The risky aspect of this sale is that the same point (where the land is included) can be sold to different people across multiple platforms, which means that when you buy a site in one area, another person can buy the same area through another platform.”

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He explained, “Turkey is the largest buyer of virtual land. Turkey is the largest seller of virtual land. When asked about their intentions to buy them, we can say that they think rationally. In the future, the value will increase.

According to Saeed Arkan, head of the International Association of Social Media, more than 20,000 virtual plots have been sold in Istanbul alone, and virtual land has been sold across Turkey.

Arjan warned of the possibility of crises in the virtual world as some of them buy and ridicule or relocate historical or cultural sites or places of worship, emphasizing the importance of the precautionary measures taken by municipalities and official institutions in this area.

Erkon stressed the importance of Turkey creating its own virtual world and issuing cryptocurrency as soon as possible.

Source: “Anatolia”

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