Replacing Social Media Platforms in the Future .. Top 5 Metaverse Platforms | Technology

Replacing Social Media Platforms in the Future .. Top 5 Metaverse Platforms |  Technology

About 8 months after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would change the name of the social media giant to “Meta”, he explained that he would focus his efforts and the future of the company on “Metaverse”, confirming that it was “the future”. “.” Of the Internet.

Zuckerberg spoke seriously about the ability of metawases to change the “shape and future of social media and the Internet.”

Zuckerberg defined metaverse as “a deep virtual environment in which you can actually interact with people in a digital environment and digital community.

“I think metavases are the next generation of the Internet … Instead of the external screen we see on our mobile phones or computer screens being an external screen, it will be our part, we will be part of it,” Zuckerberg explained.

Since then, the word metaphysics has become one of the most widely used terms in the world.

It’s pumping now Tens of thousands of dollars In this deep virtual environment investment by the world’s leading companies and countries, everyone wants to be part of the future that Zuckerberg spoke of – in this case – just know that Microsoft has allowed $ 70 billion to invest. Not to mention the future, when the meta company itself has allocated $ 10 billion for the same goal, while the tens of thousands of dollars allocated by other companies and countries around the world for the same goal.

In fact, this is not entirely surprising, as people at Metaverse are able to work, play, shop and communicate in an unprecedented way, which is the beginning of the end of social media as we know it now, entering the era of other communication platforms. As I mentioned, it is more realistic and more connected through metavirus Platform “Analytics Insight” recently.

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It is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on human communication. Metaverse is a virtual platform that allows developers to create everything from virtual reality to augmented reality, and metaverse is a key product compared to traditional social media and other major products.

While it is not possible to say when metaviruses will replace the social networks and media we now know, it will certainly unlock new social and economic gains, far more than we have ever seen before.

In this report, we present a list of the 5 best Metaverse platforms to look at Observers And number Positions In particular, it will replace the social media we currently know about in the future.

The term metaphysics has recently become one of the most popular terms in the world (Getty Images)


First Platform It is fully supported by the “blockchain” network in Metaware, and the blockchain is a decentralized cryptographic technology, meaning that no one controls the activities that take place through it. It controls and regulates its workings, and records all transactions in the digital world in a large “ledger” that no one owns, and it guarantees investor rights, especially in encrypted digital currencies.

Returning to the Dicentraland platform, Ethereum Currency, one of the most powerful digital currencies in the world, is backed by an electronic game that allows users to create, test and monetize content on a large scale. They have the right to create and enjoy their own applications and to buy, sell and rent virtual real estate, including apartments, houses, offices and palaces within it, as well as the entire virtual digital community, villages, cities, streets and roads. And real personalities who invest, work, live and communicate.

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She is Game Virtual metamorphoses, in which players and users can experience their own virtual experiences, build their communities, homes and offices, and communicate directly with their friends or anyone who wants to communicate within the game, and create their own virtual environment.

The Sandbox Games platform contains 3 integrated products that provide a comprehensive experience of user-generated content, naming it one of the most powerful social media platforms of the future.

Axis Infinity

It is a cryptocurrency that is played to earn, where users can earn money Exe Infinity It will be played and traded. Metawares is a blockchain based game in which players collect, create and breed digital pets, each with unique ‘axes’ that can be used to compete in a particular turn-based card game.

These digital animals are non-fungal tokens (NFTs) that can be bought and sold, currently selling for around 200 ETH for the lowest EXE available and about 300 ETH (1 ETH = $ 1,300) for the most expensive.

The popularity of this game is due to its potential to earn and make rich profits, which attracts many young people and investors from all over the world.

Microsoft sign on top of Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, USA, October 19, 2018.  REUTERS / Mike Blake
Microsoft approves $ 70 billion investment in metaviruses (Reuters)


She is Game It includes an in-depth virtual world that attracts millions of people around the world as well as many companies and investors, as well as an inclusive digital community, a metawares platform where users can play other users’ built-in games and make money from these games.

It’s available on Android, IOS, and Xbox, and members of this digital community can create, decorate, and dress their digital characters, create special games, train their imagination, and add their own effects to the game.

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As of 2017, Rob Lux has more than 500,000 game creators, 30 million monthly active players playing the game and more than 300 million hours of gameplay logged in, while interacting and naming them in a large virtual community that is growing daily. It will be one of the social media platforms of the future.

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About Platform Video chat designed to make virtual interactions more humane. It is a virtual community that creates opportunities and connects everyone, people can work, socialize and learn, and this platform currently has over 10 million people worldwide.

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