Remove the image through the native Paint 3D application in Windows 10

طريقة تفريغ الصور عبر تطبيق Paint 3D المجاني على ويندوز 10

In the past, applying Photoshop to unpack images required a great deal of skill because artificial intelligence techniques could not handle this task.

With the development of technology, background removal has become easier, and it does not require much experience or knowledge to apply Photoshop.

Yes Microsoft has provided an update For the old Paint app, this update was called Paint 3D, and it aims to introduce a new set of features into the app.

One of these features was to download images by pressing a button, and depending on the artificial intelligence, the result would be better than a manual application for beginners.

you can Adjust the effect of manually loading images, but this requires a skill that not many people have.

The Paint 3D application is pre-installed on Microsoft’s Windows 10 PC.

It’s best to make sure Windows 10 is up to date so you can use the app well.

Steps to use Paint 3D:

You can follow these steps to leave images in Paint 3D.

Go to the Paint 3D app, and then create a new document.

When you are inside the new document, click on Settings and then select Add Images.

You can now select the image you want to dump, but try to choose an image that clearly distinguishes between the person and the posterior.

The difference between person and background is obvious, for best result, you do not have to adjust it manually.

After that, select the Magic Select tool and then use it to narrow the image and draw a square around the person you want to save.

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Press the Next button to begin the process of unloading the images.

Leave images

You can use the pen and eraser tool to add or remove parts of the background.

This means you can add more background or remove part of the AI ​​original image.

Leave images

You can remove most of the background from your original image, but you usually do nothing.

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When you are done, press the Done button and save the image to the desired location.

Application features in general:

Presented Paint 3D For the first time in 2017, updates are available on every new Windows 10 system thereafter.

If the device does not find the application installed on your device through the official Microsoft Store, you can install it.

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The app includes a wide variety of artistic tools previously unavailable in Paint, which are tools that help creative people work through the app.

You can rely on the app to design 3D shapes and integrate them into any work you do.

You can use the colors that appear on the screen in any application.

You can transform any 2D object into a 3D object and then use it generally in your designs.

You can also use 3D texts in the app.

The application saves all images regardless of format, and it interacts with two-dimensional and three-dimensional images.

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