Remor guarantees a place for athletes from Para O Futuro in the semifinals of the World Rowing Championships | Sports

Remor guarantees a place for athletes from Para O Futuro in the semifinals of the World Rowing Championships |  Sports

Women’s team working in Europe with members from the city (Photo: Divulgao – DP)

The young athletes in the Remor Para O Futuro project from the municipality of Pelotas are in the race in the Czech Republic to represent Brazil at the World Rowing Championships, which start on Wednesday (7) and continue until Sunday (11). On the second day of the competition, the team from Pelotas reached the semifinals. Six out of ten Brazilians in the under-23 category are part of a project that works exclusively with students in municipal public schools.

All championship events can be followed live on the World Rowing website. Due to security protocol, only participants are allowed to enter the path without the presence of the public. Tests take place in Brazil in the morning, but there is a delay of five hours in the race. Athletes Robson Radman, Facundo Mesquita, Shian Ucker, Evelyn Cardoso, Mariana Macedo and Pedro Xavier are seeking support from the Pelottas population.

The result

On the first day, Brazil made their debut in the qualifying competition for the Under-23 World Rowing Championship, with the men’s four (BM4-) in dispute. Daniel Lima, Facundo Duarte, Robson Radman and Sebastian Solari competed in Battery 1 with a boat and finished fifth. With this result, we are going to recap this Friday.

In the following match, Pidro Tuchenhegan competed in the Lightweight Men’s Single Schiff Elimination (BLM1x) Battery 1. Pelotens remained second in the first 500 meters. But in the middle of the course he fought for the lead with a rover from Germany. In the last 250 meters the boats were practically connected. However, the boat from Peru accelerated and took its place. Germany is behind and Brazil is in third place. With this result, Pedro goes to recap.

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This Thursday, Piedro Tuchenhegan competed for second place in the Battery 1 of the Lightweight Men’s Single Schiff Revenge (BLM1x). Brazil and Ireland soon stood apart in the race, leaving the other boats. Pydro was 0.58 seconds behind the Irish boat on the 1,000-meter line. Throughout the second half of the route, the boats carried their posts, first with Ireland. With this result, Pelotens will compete in the semifinal A / B this Saturday.

The women’s team advanced to the fifth place in the second match in Brazil and advanced to the Quattro Sem qualifiers (BM4-). The boat, handled by Shaiane Ucker, Maria Clara Levenkopf, Mariana Macedo and Evelyn Chardoso, competed to secure a place in the Battle 2, fourth place Hanoi Repechage this Friday.

Oguener Tisot, Technical Coordinator of Remar Para O Futro, accompanies the athletes in the race as the coach of the women’s team. Regardless of the results, it highlights the relevance of the project’s participation in a world championship. “Their experience as athletes is very important and they can compete in the same category until 2025,” he says. The project currently has 30 vacancies, but new opportunities will soon open up for students from the municipal public network in Pelotas.

About the project

Remote Para Futuro is run in collaboration with Pelotas Municipality Academy Remo Tisot, UFPEL and Club Center Portugus, where training takes place in the waters of Pelotas Fountain. General coordination of the Professor-Doctor Fabricio Boscolo del Vecio project at the Superior School of Physical Education (SEF) in UEF. In addition to companies and volunteers working in the process of coaching athletes, it has the support of the Flamengo Regatta Club.

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