Remember the big fires of 2018?

Remember the big fires of 2018?

The summer of 2018 has taken a heavy toll on the global economy. According to Impact Forecasting by Ion Benfield, the center for the development of disaster models, the economic loss to German farmers alone is 2.2 billion euros ($ 2.9 billion), with the total loss of affected European countries exceeding 4 billion. .

In the long run, Europe and the US have not yet assessed the cost of the fire. According to analysts, the car fire alone (approximately July 23 – August 2018), which became one of the ten most devastating wildfires in California, caused about $ 200 million in damage, and about $ 160 million in firefighting costs.

In addition to car fires, Mendocino Complex fires, Nelson fires and Holy Fire rags simultaneously in California. Firefighters worked for two months and only managed to put out the blaze at the end of September 2018.
In Europe, the most devastating fires spread to Portugal, Sweden and Greece. Here, cases of illegal building in the fireplace have also been brought to the surface, indicating some of the causes (directly or indirectly) of the fire. The fire is believed to have been spread by building specs or with the intention of looting abandoned houses.

Ion Benfield analysts call the latter “the biggest fire in Europe since 1900”. Authorities confirmed that at least 92 people were killed, 905 structures were destroyed and 740 were damaged in Attica.

The damage caused by the wildfires in Sweden is estimated at $ 100 million. At the height of the July 2018 fire, the emergency telephone number received 13,000 calls a day.

The fire affected about 20,000 hectares. The country requested more firefighting assistance from the European Union, and in early August the European Commission announced that it had mobilized more than 360 firefighters, seven aircraft, six helicopters and 67 vehicles to assist Sweden. It was the largest civilian forest fire operation in Europe in a decade. There were 815 hours of air service and 8,822 discharges of water at the combustion sites.

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The European Union (EU) has co-ordinated with Sweden the governments of Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Portugal and Poland. 15 1.15 million has been earmarked for travel expenses to assist firefighters in these European countries. Austria, the Czech Republic and Turkey also provided assistance.
In addition, 37 satellite maps were produced under the European Union’s Copernicus program. The EU Civil Protection System applies to 34 European states (28 EU member states, the Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey). The Commission noted that catastrophic wildfires are becoming a common phenomenon in Europe because the causes of them are related to global climate change.

Bringing back events that seem distant in light of the communication speed of our time means that three years is not the time to forget, especially since we are paying for its consequences because they will pay off tonight, unexpectedly.

After all, it doesn’t surprise us that spring doesn’t exist this year, and most people wonder why.

We learn from these disasters and face a new reality not only to strengthen a system of civil protection, but also to combat these phenomena and better prepare and prevent collective action. Continent.

Don’t forget the criminal penalties for criminals who set fire to their own miserable horizons: the people who pass it on in our time under the false pretense that they are mentally ill in general because of “the fault of society,” taught 1968 a thousand years ago.

The main reason for the increase in the extent of wildfires in Europe worldwide and overall is climate change: abnormal heat and drought become more intense over time, so fires become more and more difficult.

As we know, this is clearly evident in Germany, Great Britain, Brazil (2019, 2020) and many other countries and regions of the world, and our country is no exception. The risk of fire from climate change is growing faster than forest fire services, and even the most professional and well-equipped have time to adapt to these changes.

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Scientists at Oxford University have drawn attention to global climate change. Unprecedented temperatures in the summer of 2018 are a direct result of climate change.

Researchers analyzed data from weather stations in northern Europe such as Finland, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden and compared temperature readings with historical records and found that the 2018 heatwave was not a priority.

The planet must contain the increasing potential for extreme weather events by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Wildfires are an additional source of greenhouse gases. Normally, forests absorb carbon dioxide, but as wood burns, it emits large amounts and affects global warming, leading to new wildfires in a Euroboric cycle.

In California, a fire on November 8, 2018 destroyed about 7,000 buildings and spread over 80,000 hectares in four days. Thirty-one people were killed and 150,000 California residents were evacuated.

So the discussion affects not only the long-term climate model, but also the safety of the people and the adverse economic impact.

As mentioned above, wildfires in Europe and the US cost billions of dollars and euros. The Earth Forest Reserve is in danger.

In Europe so far, the rate of wildfires has not yet increased, which significantly affects the resource capacity of European forests. However, these European forests – from Portugal to Russia – are well protected from fire, and the loss of timber can significantly affect the potential for harvesting and marketing.

Intensive afforestation has a large margin of security and economic benefits; Within a decade or two, if fires spread to our continent, they will begin to have a lethal effect on the results of the above-mentioned activities of the great European forest nations, which are still a limited area on this continent, nothing but a small peninsula in Eurasia.

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In contrast, fires in California were mainly caused by drought and strong winds, which caused the fire to spread, favoring the intercontinental concentration on the American continent.

However, experts note that – as we mentioned earlier – in most cases, the main reason for this to happen is the human factor between incompetence and preconceived notions: an abandoned cigarette butt, a broken glass bottle, can act as a lens.

For example, in Russia, during the long hot summer of 2018, forests were burned in Yakutia and in the Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, that is, in sparsely populated areas, but there were also human faults. At the end of August, more than 14.6 million hectares were on fire. Greenpeace commented that this is about half of the UK.

But in Russia firefighters are not caught trying to get close to a psychiatrist who can tell their idyllic childhood in the backyard of a family home, but they inflict harsh punishments as a warning of idiocy and fundamentalism.

Since 2015, the same measures taken under a special fire safety regime indicate an increase in fines for citizens up to 4,000 rubles and legal entities up to half a million: for example, fires caused by the use of soil and forest (dry grass, palm leaves, debris, and similar combustible materials in natural areas voluntarily Such as burning).

If the lives or property of others are destroyed or the health of civilians is harmed, the authors of the fire will be fined, and they will be given wire without a psychiatrist. Not to mention the firefighters, whose fate in Russia I reflect the reader.

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