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Relive the competition that saw Slimane finish a perfect fourth for France, ahead of Swiss artist Nemo and Croatian rocker Baby Lasagna.

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A version with higher tension. The 68th edition of Eurovision took place on Saturday 11 May amid criticism surrounding Israel's participation and the exclusion of the Dutch candidate. Among the favorites were the Swiss artist Nemo, the Israeli singer Eden Golan, the Croatian rocker Baby Lasagna, not forgetting the French star Slimane with the title “Mon Amour”. In the wake of Laurie and her hit singles, nearly 25 countries competed on the songs TattooMalmö (Sweden).

This live has now ended.

The Dutch broadcaster identifies a “threatening gesture” made by Joost Klein towards a camerawoman. The new details emerged after singer Joost Klein, who was supposed to represent the Netherlands, pulled out. The Dutch broadcaster, Avrotros, agrees In a press release He had his candidate “Intimidation Movement” A camera woman was untouched during Thursday's semi-final. The company claims that the technician did not respect the singer's wishes not to be filmed and the sanction is granted “Proportionate”. The organization of the competition justified its exclusion, on Saturday morning, A “Inappropriate Behavior”Without explaining “Nature of the Event”And Swedish police have confirmed they have launched an investigation into “intimidation”.

The artist representing Ireland missed the final rehearsal due to a new incident. Bambi Thug, the artist representing Ireland, explained that he missed the final rehearsal on Saturday afternoon due to a new incident: “Something happened while we were waiting to get on the setAs part of the preparations, the interpreter elaborated An Instagram storyWithout giving further details. “I thought I should warn you” organization, which“The matter is taken seriously.”Concluding his message to his supporters, Bambi Thug adds: “I hope to see you on stage tonight”.

Israel's participation is a pebble in the shoe of the organizers. A petition started in the Nordic countries, artists threatening to knock on the competition's door, rewrote a song several times because it so vividly evokes the October 7 attacks… to say the presence of the Israeli delegation is an understatement. , led by singer Eden Golan, stirs controversy. Rival demonstrations took place throughout the week. Israel has advised its citizens against traveling to Sweden to promote their singer, but organizers have never questioned the country's participation, arguing that it is not comparable to Russia, which was excluded from the big anthem rally in 2022. Invasion of Ukraine. However, several contending candidates have shown their disapproval. Dutch Joost Klein, in particular, stood next to Eden Golan during a press conference, covering his face with his flag to mark his disapproval.

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Croatia was the favorite. Croatian baby lasagna was favored by the predictions, thanks to his song Rim Tim Tagi Dim (Know that it's a folk dance that mixes techno, heavy metal, and pop to shine in society). Swiss artist Nemo and his pop song Code The Helvetians were able to promise their first win since 1988 (and third overall). If France is using desperation, its candidate of the year Slimane also has a chance, with bookies ranking him fourth. Eurovision World website and its inequality aggregator. Israeli candidate Eden Golan surged after the semi-final and is now second among the bookies.

Tired of Eurovision, Sweden? This is the seventh time the country, which holds the co-record for the number of victories, is hosting the tournament. Amid geopolitical tensions and a certain weariness, Eurovision fever is not felt much in Malmö, the city where the contest is held. Perhaps a fictional reformation of the legendary group ABBA to mark the 50th anniversary of their success (thanks to the hit Waterloo) will bring smiles to the faces of Swedish fans. Even if it only happens via hologram, The roped solution Some members of the group met with disapproval.

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