Rejoice, ye people of the country, the buildings are open, salvation

افرحو يا أهل الريف المباني فتحت خلاص.. إليكم الأوراق المطلوية للحصول على ترخيص في قانون البناء الجديد 2022

The Egyptian government recently announced updates to the building law to reduce urban sprawl on agricultural lands, and in today’s topic we will talk to you about the new building law of 2022.

New Building Code 2022

The government has developed a new construction law for 2022 as per the rules and regulations.

The Act includes several provisions, on top of which is the application for a building permit for a technology center.

In addition to submitting the national ID card of the concerned person, the applicant also attaches a photo from the engineering office in charge of the accreditation work along with attaching your photos from the engineer’s engineering record and submits 3 copies of the engineering drawings. Approved by Engineering Office.

The requirements of the New Building Act 2022 stipulate that a certificate of potential variables must be submitted along with a copy of the Engineers Association approved consultant’s certificate.

After that, the license applicant sends all necessary documents to the competent technical center to review the building permit papers for consideration of the application.

What should the license applicant do if approved?

  • In the event that the application for a building permit is approved, the holder of the license shall notify the technical center for the commencement of construction activities at a maximum of two weeks prior to the commencement of construction.
  • The law also stipulated the obligation to build a ground floor, 4 floors and a maximum height of 16 meters depending on the street area, which angered many representatives as they opposed the height and the citizen’s decision to build only 70%. The total area of ​​the residential plot, which cannot be applied to different plots, places other than the Corniche, especially small ones, the main streets taken over by the state from the Hodeidah Building Law, and national projects.
  • Also, to comply with all construction conditions as per the new law, there must be a signed valid agreement and a building permit from the village council.
  • If the building is already existing, inspection of construction site and obtaining license for elevation or extension.
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Here we come to the end of today’s article where we talked about the New Building Act 2022, the most important provisions brought by it and which projects are exempted from the application of this Act to them.

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