Rejected goal: Cristiano Ronaldo is extremely provoked – sports

Rejected goal: Cristiano Ronaldo is extremely provoked - sports

You don’t need flaming glasses to see that Cristiano Ronaldo is provoked. Or better yet: how outraged he was. Extremely outraged. “CR7” raised his hands wildly off the lawn of the famous Maracana in Belgrade, then tore the captain’s hand from his left and threw it to the ground; “Chu !!! Chu !!!” clearly visible on his lips. It should mean something like this: It means nothing, just enjoy.

The reason: From the last moments of suspension, Ronaldo was filled with a scene full of corruption – at the end of the World Cup qualifier in Serbia, he felt betrayed for understandable reasons. “Robo!”, “Robbery!” Must be in the Sunday newspaper as well Record These are the titles that have already been edited. The final score was 2-2, and since the Dutch referee ‘s termination, Ronaldo’s legal goal has not been recognized.

What will it be like in the 21st century? Good question.

The scene itself is easy to tell: Serbian goalkeeper Marco Dimitrovic ran under a cross from the left and Ronaldo fired from a sharp angle into the right, only to get the ball past Stefan Mitrovic when it crossed the boundary. If spectators on the roof of the legendary Belgrade Stadium were allowed to go there, it would be visible to the naked eye. The referee team was in such a bad condition that they could not see the scene clearly enough to accept the goal. Goal-line technology? Nothing. Video Referee? such as. Cell phone recordings were rife as the game ended and Ronaldo was shown yellow, presented to the Linesman in the style of a non-uniform rotating windmill. This embarrassed referee Danny McCauley.

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“He called me and apologized, but it didn’t work out,” Portugal coach Fernando Santos told the coach after his 1000m: “Sorry, I told him, but the ball was half a meter away. I do not know what to do with it! ” “It is unacceptable that there is no video referee or goal-line technology in a World Cup qualifier,” he said. And Ronaldo? At the same time he typed a few sentences on his cell phone – no one thinks he’s tired of captaincy, because he threw up angrily.

“An entire country is lagging behind,” Ronaldo taps on his cell phone.

“I am proud to be the captain of Portugal’s selection and one of the greatest privileges of my life,” said frustrated Juventus striker Ronaldo. “I ‘ve always given everything for my country. It’s not always going to change. But there are moments when it’s hard to deal with – especially when you feel like an entire country is lagging behind.” Ronaldo is heading back to his third game in Group A, as you have to give it all up after Wednesday’s 1-0 win over Azerbaijan and Saturday’s draw in Belgrade. The Luxembourgs made a big splash on Saturday. In Ireland, they won 1-0.

One truth of Belgrade is that the second German opponent of the European Championship (19.6./ Munich) very carelessly exploited the two goal lead. At half-time, the 2016 European champions took a 2-0 lead over third-placed Liverpool striker Diego Jota (11/36). After the break, the Serbs pulled not only the plug on the “DJ”, but also the Portuguese. Alexander Mitrovic shortened (46th), and Frankfurt’s Philippe Costic completed a counterattack in which the Portuguese were surprisingly poor (60th).

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But then came turbulent stoppage time – Nicola Milenkovic’s (90th + 2) legitimate red card and missing goal hurt Ronaldo twice. Because he has not won a 7-0 win over Andorra (November 11, 2020) or four international matches. Seven of the 109 goals scored by former Bundesliga professional Ali Dey for Iran are far from being – still an international world record.

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