Registrations for the Barcolana Classic are open

Registrations for the Barcolana Classic are open

Registrations can be made for the Barcolana Classic, dedicated to the vintage, classic and spirit of heritage boats organized by the Society Velica de Barcola and Grignano.

An event dedicated to women at sea, from large yachts plowing the oceans to a small flounder from Lozenge, to loving reunions by local ship experts from Carlo Ciarelli’s pencils to hulls this year, they have been created by designer Mauricio Coscio. Competing in the reserved category adds another important chapter to the event, the history of the excursion.

Several innovations for this edition have been reserved for non-Trist boats: a temporary area has been identified on the Rive to accommodate vintage boats participating in the Barcolana Classic; Places are available until exhaustion, which need to be requested by the organizers of SVBG.

Like every year, the Barcolana Classic by Sead celebrates with a polo official polo shirt, made by Murphy and Nye in this edition, donated to each owner after registration. Hulls participating in the Classic – in accordance with all the requirements of the Barcolana 53 notification – will automatically register for Regatta on October 10th.

The Barcolana Classic kicks off on Saturday, October 9 at 10:30 a.m. with an exciting parade in the San Justo Basin. After that, it was time for a regatta on a coastal course or in a triangle in the middle of the gulf, depending on the weather. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 9 at 6:00 pm at the Prosecco DOC Vip Lounge in the Piazza Dell Unit.

An exhibition of photographs of Carlo Borlengi scheduled at the Vento e Vale – Portopicolo Art Gallery by Carlo Borlengi, included in the Barcolana 53 calendar presented by the General, opens to the public tomorrow, Monday, September 20th. Borlengi displays 23 photos in a variety of formats, with an element dedicated to great sailing events: the “iconic regattas” that connect seaside areas with precise navigation challenges that have become a symbol of cruise history.

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The journey through the paintings created for Portopicolo begins in Trieste, where the celebration of Barcolana continues into the Tyrrhenian Sea, where Giraglia regatta is the protagonist, then flies in English and Irish waters and then goes head to head with the Sydney-Hobart antipodes. Born around “remarkable points”, lighthouses and promontories, Borlengi summed up his own, stunning photographs and witnessed the challenges and stories at sea.

Roundtable Genoa – Trieste Regatta 2021 – Round Italy continues the navigation of the crew registered in Genoa – Triste. After the first night was 30 knots fast and all runners defined it as a “challenge” and wanted the wind to blow in the way of the five boats competing on the second and third days of the race. On the second day, Fleet regrouped near the Pontine Archipelago, slowing down the Pendragon (Alberini) and allowing the “little ones” to close part of the gap with the Great Maxi.

On the horizon is the Messina Strait, where even the last 24 hours of busy navigation are slowed by the winds of the South Tyrrhenian Sea and the light breeze that travels for miles. The logs of the five boats competing rarely exceed 6 knots, and at the time of writing the pendragon travels from 4 to 5 knots in view of the island of Stromboli. Fifty miles away, a group of ‘followers’ traveling in almost the same parallel with the front edeliciacrobatica (Moresino) – certainly handled less and found more pressure than the others – while the race moved between Karna (Rapadori) and Kika and headed in the direction of the Green Challenge (Verardo).

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“We try to rely more on awareness and experience in these regions of the Mediterranean, rather than on climate models that often lead to inaccurate and ineffective choices,” Stefano Raspadori said yesterday in Karnak. East of all, but always with ‘clean’ navigation, the first 44.7 Argo (Manfredi) travels below 5 notes. With the sea about 500 miles behind, the Round Italy ship may be the last in the Tyrrhenian Sea tonight, scheduled for tomorrow, September 20, at the first light of dawn, the Messina Strait to the Pentagon.

The regatta for e-Round Italy members also continues, with 26,211 participants still on their way to Trieste. An update on the progress of e-Rounditaly will be broadcast on eSailing TV every evening at 20.30, while Round Italy can also be tracked online thanks to the tracking system on the website

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