Register now at the Madrasati Platform Program Minecraft with the steps and goals of the competition for students

Register now at the Madrasati Platform Program Minecraft with the steps and goals of the competition for students

Since the platform is launching a competition under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia, I am interested in the article to learn how to register on the Madrasa program platform, because this topic is an important topic for many students. Minecraft game programming is one of the most important games to register and enter the competition.

Register now on the Madrasati platform for Minecraft programming

In this paragraph we pay special attention to the steps required to know how to register on the Madrasa Programming Platform, as it is essential for any student participating in the competition offered by the platform to enter its first stage, and the registration takes place in the following steps:

  • The game, called Minecraft, must be downloaded from the store available on the mobile operating system, and then the student logs into it.
  • Press the text “Register”.
  • Provides various data and information required by the student.
  • The student enters the password and enters his e-mail.
  • Click on the Login style.

The competition for the Madrasati platform is programming

Amidst the new strategies that the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom wants to pursue to bring a combination of play and learning, the competition venue announced the competition in the coming days.

The goals of my school competition are programmed

  • Facilitate the establishment of the principles of cooperation and partnership among students, teachers and parents.
  • One of the goals is to develop students’ abilities from an early age.
  • Achieves all development and different goals.
  • The competition aims mainly to change the stereotyped programming style.
  • Contribute to training the strengths and skills of the digital type, so that we have a unique programming and digital future.
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How to register on the Madrasa Programming Platform was the focus of this day’s article, as registration on that platform involves many students, which is a launch competition with many goals for the student’s interest. Aims to educate and build a new digital society.

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