Reggio Calabria – From Gomorrah to the Strait, Gargiulo: “The power of the south is our boys”

Reggio Calabria - From Gomorrah to the Strait, Gargiulo: "The power of the south is our boys"

Written by Gracia Candido – TheActor As he enters the stage, in addition to his voice, body, and abilities, he must give his credibility to the character he plays in order to allow those who observe him to enter into that imaginary reality. That is why it is essential for each interpreter to have their own personality, not to conform to stereotypes, but to show what is inside so that they can assign the role assigned to them.

The Napoleonic actor knows it well Antonio Gargillo, The hero of the TV series “Gomorrah“, On the shores of the Gulf for a training course in the field of cultural entertainment organized by the Association”Calabria in the back Fifth APSAs part of “NTT” – New drama training“The unit is sponsored by the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria and in collaboration with La Musica Che Gira and Music Innovation Hub.
A few days from the new series “Gomorrah5“, Inspiration Bestseller by Roberto Saviano Produced by Catalia, scheduled for November 19, Antonio reveals nothing about the episodes featuring Saro, the eldest son of Bose Jerlando Levante, but tells us one thing: Casting Sarah told me that with this face, I would have struggled to participate in the series, and then, fortunately, their minds changed.

During the lesson with the boys, Antonio explains, “On set, on stage in the theater, the actor is completely alone. Concentration E Imagination That’s all. “
“these Training meetings Most importantly, the students all actually declared themselves to have some experience, and there is one Very interesting human material – Gargiulo adds -. There are so many variables to be a good actor, what I appreciate these two days is the generosity of the students, immersed in the monologue. I asked the students to bring a monologue of their choice, a story they wanted to tell, the magical thing is often, one is not so conscious, but that conversation says something about itself. Also, when you connect with that inner part, you free yourself and enter into communication. This is a good line that every actor should have: make a piece of your own and give it back emotionally ”.

Antonio, graduated with a degree in economics, Dr. Napoleon For at least 5 generations he has been very close, even though he looks like an Irishman with somatic features. South Also, he turns to the southern peoples, exactly to “break the rumors and clichs that often punish us for working hard and showing us how to do it.”
“I believe that the people of the South have a very strong connection with instinct. Is the south Home Evidence i Boys Wonderful Calabria behind the curtain Those who are willing to engage, have been able to create something beautiful and creative for their land in recent years. This is it The real power of the South”.

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