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Of course, everyone will have their preferences of coffee. Maybe you especially like bitter coffee? There, I recommend that you look for coffee blends that contain Robusta or even 100% Robusta coffee.

If you want to know the differences between Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, I wrote an article here.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of fine and highly aromatic coffee, prefer 100% Arabica (or with a small percentage of Robusta). Next, know that just as with wine, there are many aromatic notes and that every coffee is truly different.

Unfortunately, we often buy our coffee today from manufacturers that use roasting techniques to standardize tastes, in order to attract the largest number of people. However, it takes on a huge variety of flavors. This is why I invite you to try our hand roasted coffee.

The best coffee maker available on the market

Thanks to the refillable coffee capsule, you will be able to discover aromas and flavors that will surprise you: aromas of red fruits, aromas of chocolate or even a touch of spicy … Coffee is much more than just a bitter drink! But I let you explore and test different cafes to really realize it .

Gradually you will get to know your preferences and train your taste. Each cup will be better than the last!

Where to buy coffee for reusable capsules?

Well, I won’t tell you about my coffee again

First of all, you can go directly to the roaster. Some are not only a supplier of brands, but also have their own stores.

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Go to a roastery near you and order coffee for reusable capsules. Then he will be able to grind the coffee for you on demand to get very fresh coffee.

If not, there are stores that specialize in tea and coffee as well, just make sure they can actually grind their coffee to the right size for your capsules.

Then, of course, there are various websites where you can get coffee suitable for your capsules. Feel free to conduct research in this direction. I can recommend this shop, which offers a wide selection of coffee.

For more information on coffee, visit at: El Progresivo Website

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