Referral for Cardinal Angelo Besiu’s trial cancels funds for Holy See

Referral for Cardinal Angelo Besiu's trial cancels funds for Holy See
Cardinal Angelo Besiu

Interactive turnaround in judicial matters involving other prominent figures in addition to the eminent lawyer from Pattada

A dramatic turnaround in the judicial process of funds for the Holy See, including Sardinian Cardinal Angelo Besiu, one of the defendants in the Rome indictment. This was stated by attorneys Massimo Bassi and Tirabassi’s guardians, Cataldo Intriory.

“Our client, Fabrizio Tirabassi, has been charged with felony criminal mischief by the Vatican. And is limited to crime.

“Not only that – the lawyers continue – the court also rejected the promoters’ request that the original statements of the main prosecutor Monsignor Perlaska be kept ‘confidential’, and ordered that investigators ask for information about the lawyer’s condition in other trials to consider whether to quote him in court with the help of an attorney. We remind you that a provision justifying is filed without due process.

The lawyers explain that “the transfer to the state on November 17 does not affect the dismissed defendants. In fact, despite the court’s efforts to bring the proceedings back within the framework of legitimacy and legitimacy provided by international law, the process is still stagnant. Serious negligence to date.”

In detail about Cardinal Angelo Besiu, the defense attorney, Fabio Viglion, commented: “He could not exercise the right to question the two indictments we have argued. On the other hand, what we objected to is that the actions and interrogations do not take place continuously, and the whole interrogation is not minutes, the court said, ‘You must make them available for defense. We accepted everything we objected to. “

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“At yesterday’s hearing, the promoter of justice, believing that a document should have gone back and some documents should have been made available, on the other hand, he should have gone ahead with the interrogation,” the lawyer added, adding that “now interrogation can also prevent this stage: interrogation is the right of the defendants to avoid trial – he explains -, he If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the expat community here. ” The court ruled that Cardinal Bessie was guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery with intent to commit aggravated robbery with intent to commit aggravated robbery with intent to defraud.

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