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Recycling of plastics: As agriculture moves forward as an example

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At least one topic of followersAgribashing Will find little to complain about. If French agriculture is a big consumer of plastics – we are even talking about plastic culture – it also knows how to recycle them in significant proportions. Let us judge. Advalor, the environmental organization responsible for organizing their collection and recovery, indicates that last year 89,000 tons of agricultural waste – that is 77% of the French investment – had a recycling rate of 90% (excluding mulching films). A performance that makes other sectors jealous.

It’s in the bag

On the strength of its positive results, Atdiwala is now intensifying its efforts Find maximum recycling capacity in France “, explains its General Manager Ronan Vanot. The company announced the construction of its first French unit for recycling near Gisours in Eure. Big bags : These large bags used in agriculture to package fertilizers, phytosanitary products or seeds. Collected in large quantities, the packaging, made of polypropylene and polyethylene, has so far been sent to Italy, Spain and Poland, where it has been transformed into plastic balls. From next summer, they will undergo the same treatment, but without crossing borders.

The project was born from the partnership of the Eco organization, which supplies the installation, with the support of France Reliance. Big bags and Novus, a company founded by two Norman entrepreneurs, including Luc Lettiers, president of Eure-based All Sun Group and a specialist in agricultural commodities trading. At the origin of the development of an innovative process inspired by agricultural shredders, Novus indicates that it is spending 10 million euros on the operation. The plant, which has about fifteen employees, can supply 10,000 tons of recycled plastic. high quality ». « It can be incorporated into the manufacture of new packaging to replace virgin plastic material “, assure the participants.

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“A unique solution in the world”

A few tens of kilometers away in Orne, the RecyOuest start-up wants not bags, but nets and cords around round bales (or Roundballers in Shakespeare’s language) hay and grass. Founded by a young entrepreneur of Peruvian origin, the aptly named Marcela Moison, it developed “ A unique regeneration solution in the world For this plastic waste. A cross between textile and plastic methods, its dry cleaning process uses no water, products or chemicals.

Atiwalar is supported and certified by the Foundation Solar ImpulseThe Argentina-based company set fire to a processing unit that was supposed to produce more than 6,000 tons of recycled plastic a year this summer. ” Because of its very high quality, it will be of interest to many plastic processors “, recently assured its founder. On the distribution side, RecyOuest does not intend to limit itself to France. With the support of a group of European “plastic farmers”, it hopes to drain. All agricultural nets Used from the old continent. This will be helped by the new collection systems that many EU member states, including Germany and Ireland, are putting in place with their breeders.