Recover deleted photos from iPhone with easy and quick fixes … Get to know them

Deleting photos is something that bothers many people, because sometimes they can’t be recovered, but Apple has found a solution that allows you to restore deleted photos to iPhone phones in simple steps.

Recover deleted photos from iPhone with icloud and iTunes backup

According to a report published in Technology News, the iPhone offers a number of ways to recover deleted photos by backing up through iCloud, iTunes and all relevant apps.

  • The first method is via iTunes backup

The iTunes application is one of the most important applications on computers, it is the official way of managing and controlling iPhone phones, which means transferring files to it, updating the system of the phone and managing the backup from the phone.

You can recover deleted photos from inside a phone IPhone By restoring the backup of the phone for this time, but it helps to completely restore everything on the phone and restore the backup.

Recover photos on iPhone
Recover photos on iPhone
  • Secondly, by using the iCloud service

This is a provision of the service for automatic backup of photos, if the service space allows it, but before you can recover deleted photos via iCloud, you must make sure that the service is activated from the beginning to help store സഹായി images ‌, and that all the displayed images go to the service ‌ on the web കൂടാതെ Do this by clicking on the selected photos തുടർന്ന് and then manually sending the photos ‌ your transfer via iTunes or copy and phone.

Recover photos on iPhone
Recover photos on iPhone
  • Third, photo recovery apps

These apps restore deleted photos without a backup copy, so this is a practical way to restore old photos, and the famous Dr. There are many apps that can help a person recover deleted photos, including the phone app. , Which prompts you to use the application as an application, and it is an easy to use application and does not require much experience to use it.

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