Reciprocal care showed the exact opposite of Stormer leadership

Reciprocal care showed the exact opposite of Stormer leadership

On Tuesday night, after a panel of the Labor Governing National Executive Committee welcomed Jeremy Corby into the party embrace, a Labor friend texted me: “Care Stormer is basically Ed Miliband.

I know what he meant. It is hard to imagine a worse politics than Sir Care has embarrassed himself over Mr. Corbyn, who reveals deeply about the Labor leader and the Labor Party. It shows a leader who is too weak to lead and – perhaps – a party that is too poisonous to change.

It is true that the decision to lift Mr. Corbyn’s suspension was not Mr. Stormer’s. I was informed that he was telling allies over the weekend that he believed Corby would be out in the fullness of time. But the man who elected Labor’s new general secretary, David Evansai Sir Care, decided to convene a disciplinary committee this week – sooner than anyone expected – to select members and make sure the issue was brought up. Now a head.

For Sir Care, a defining case like this in NEC shows the exact opposite of leadership. There is a lot of talk of political interference, but when the party is strengthened by sectarianism, Corbyn’s allies still wield great influence over the party’s governance, and the far-left machine still controls many regional parties. It is leadership, not intervention, that forces the party to change. Neil Kinnock did not back down from expelling the militant – it was his major contribution to British politics.

Even after Tuesday’s decision, Sir Care’s response was truly pathetic. He realized that this was a crucial moment for Labor and his leadership, and condemned the decision, saying Labor was ashamed to return to someone like Mr. Corbyn and vowed not to fight it. Instead, he tweeted that I stand by my commitment last month to fully accept the findings and recommendations of the EHRC report. Is it dangerous. Implementing the recommendations is not a choice, it is a legal obligation.

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Mr. Corbyn has been given credit in some quarters for his refusal to restore the whip. But here’s less than it used to be: “I have decided that Jeremy Corbyn does not need a whip restore. I will review this situation. “If Mr. Corbyn had not been fired by the NEC, Sir Care could have said that the next best thing would be done and that the man would not be allowed to serve as Labor MP again. Instead, he said, “I will keep this situation under review.”

Explain what this means for Labor. Jeremy Corbyn chose more deliberately and deliberately than its Jewish members. It chose Jeremy Corbyn over racism. The NEC will meet soon to approve or overturn the panel’s decision. In all likelihood, if it is upheld, this would mean that Labor’s official position now – led by Sir Care – members are right in saying that anti-Semitism has “dramatically escalated dramatically for political reasons, both inside and outside the party, as well as most of the media,” in other words, based on the EHRC report.

Finally, the EHRC did not find that Labor was “institutionally anti-Semitic.” However, the NEC panel institutionalized Labor anti-Semitism in the most fundamental way.

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