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Recent Studies: Volcanoes are responsible for the first oxygen jets on Earth United States

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Most living things need oxygen to thrive, and science shows that oxygen (₂O) began to appear in large quantities in the Earth’s atmosphere about 2.4 billion years ago, but was ejected in small quantities about 100 million years ago. According to him, the origin of this small amount was still a mystery Report On August 29, the Science Alert was published.

Roger Buick 2004 at Macria Shawl Mountain in Western Australia (Roger Buick-University of Washington)

Because of the volcanoes

Point Recent study Volcanoes, published in the August 17 issue of the journal PNAS, were one of the reasons for the initial release of oxygen before the main event. Analyzing the rock records, the researchers found a corresponding increase in mercury levels, indicating volcanic activity.

The researchers believe that this activity led to the release of nutrient-rich lava and volcanic ash fields, which caused the weather to release these nutrients into rivers and coastal areas (near the Earth’s surface, without removing existing atmospheric elements and debris from space), as well as cyanobacteria and other protozoan organisms.

Says Roger Buick, a geologist at the University of Washington DC Statement On August 25, it was published on the university’s website: The presence of oxygen in the atmosphere is fundamental and is the greatest catalyst for the evolution of life, both large and complex.

Analysis of macro shale rocks shows early elevation of volcanic minerals (Roger Buick-University of Washington)

Geological documents support the theory

Before embarking on the largest oxygen pumping program, Bokeh and colleagues examined deep crater samples taken from the Mount Macri shale in western Australia, covering a geographical timeline of 2.5 billion years.

Mercury enrichment and oxidative stress have convinced researchers that volcanic eruptions and subsequent phosphorus formation (play an important role in the early rise of oxygen).

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Although it is not clear where this volcanic activity occurred on Earth, geographical records from sites in India and Canada support the theory of volcanoes and lava flows.

“In the climate of the ancient atmosphere, new basaltic rocks erode and release important and essential phosphorus into rivers,” says Jana Masnorova, an astronomer at the University of Washington. Organic productivity leading to increased oxygen content.

Ancient atmospheric climate and rock fragmentation eventually led to an increase in oxygen (uric alert)

Other high oxygen

There may have been other elevations of oxygen before the Earth’s atmosphere began to change drastically, but although this study explains only one of them, it still serves as useful evidence for looking at the first moments of life on our planet.

As in any such study, it conducts research on climate change (showing how life adapts to low oxygen) and the search for life in space (showing what kind of climate microorganisms exist in).

One billion years before the major event of the release of oxygen, questions remain about how life first began on Earth, and to answer these questions we need to better understand the planet’s geography over time.

“What has become clear over the last few decades is that there are actually a lot of connections between solid, inanimate earth and the evolution of life,” says Masnerova.

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