Reason why Barcelona is The Best Place to Study Abroad

Traveling to Barcelona to learn Spanish enables you to incorporate the language in a fast and effective way while enjoying a wonderful and incredible vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean. If you have the possibility to travel in order to study Spanish, Barcelona is the best destination! Living in this dream city is an amazing experience that everyone should be able to have.

Barcelona offers a very lively and youthful atmosphere; it is the favorite place for many students from different countries around the world to enrich their level of Spanish or to learn it from scratch. In this city you will find dozens of museums, hundreds of cultural events organized by the city, paradisiacal beaches to spend the day and relax or do sports and water activities, hundreds of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to go out and have fun and much more. If you decide to take a trip to study Spanish through a Spanish language school, such as, Barcelona is the best place to do it, as you will be able to visit exceptional places and meet people from all over the world. Studying in Barcelona will be an unforgettable experience!

Why choose Barcelona

As we have previously announced, Barcelona is an incredible city full of life. It is extremely rich in culture, and its atmosphere and creativity makes anyone who visits it fall in love with it. Taking spanish courses Barcelona allows a unique opportunity to discover all the wonders it holds, such as the Sagrada Familia, or the Montjuic mountain, picturesque promenades like Las Ramblas, spaces full of architectural wonders like those made by Gaudi in the Park Guell, and historical places like Gothic Quarter.


One of the most beautiful characteristics of Barcelona is that it is the most culturally diverse city in Spain. According to statistics, one out of every five inhabitants in Barcelona is a foreigner. This is one of the main reasons why it is the preferred destination for most foreigners to spend a season while studying or working. This cosmopolitan city is perfect for meeting people from different countries and making new friends from all over the world. Its philosophy is inclusive and open, and its intercultural atmosphere makes everyone feel at home!
The people and the atmosphere

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The people of Barcelona are very friendly, open, polite and love to socialize. They are always willing to engage in communication and to help you understand the language, that’s why this place is ideal for learning Spanish, you will be practicing every minute of the day, all over the city. In fact, the natives also thrive on foreigners, and enjoy the linguistic exchange.

You should know that in Barcelona there are two official languages, Spanish and Catalan. Most of the locals communicate in Catalan, but everyone knows both languages and even English, so you will not find it a problem to get along. It is important to keep in mind that the Catalans respect their culture and their language, so they do not like when people refer to Catalan as a dialect, because as we said, it is one of the official languages of the city. You should know that, if you make the effort to learn a few words in this language, you will win the hearts of the Catalans without hesitation!

Quality of life

Barcelona is one of the cities in the world that offers the best quality of life, equity and safety. The capital of Catalonia is a place where living is easy; it is a healthy city with a Mediterranean climate, huge green areas and good food. 

Barcelona’s year-round climate and its geographical location (on the shores of the Mediterranean) are other major factors why most people who decide to study abroad choose this city. The climate in Barcelona is temperate, the temperatures are always moderate, neither extremely hot nor extremely cold, making it an ideal place to live or visit at any time of the year. Because of this, the beaches of Barcelona are visited throughout the year (of course the season par excellence is the summer), even in winter can reach temperatures that allow a day of leisure on the beach, although it is still too cold to get into the water! The sea in Barcelona is very calm and its temperature allows swimming in all seasons, except in winter. It is also important to note that the beaches are very safe.

Barcelona also has large green spaces, such as botanical gardens, urban and mountain parks, and labyrinths. The city is located between the sea and the mountains, which is an ideal combination visually and for activities of all kinds. The gastronomy in Barcelona is wonderful, based on a Mediterranean diet, full of creativity, high quality and also very healthy. In terms of services, in Barcelona you will find good medical and health services, both public and private, and a quality educational network.


The night in Barcelona takes on a life of its own and offers endless plans, activities and nightlife to have fun once the sun goes down. Barcelona is the “New York” of Europe, as it is the city that never sleeps. In fact, it is one of the places with most active nights in all Europe, and with the most divers nightlife. Once the sun goes down, the lights come on to start Barcelona’s nightlife, which is known all over the world: the fancy cocktails, the excellent restaurants, the wine bars and tapas bars, and dozens of globally known nightclubs.
The nightlife scene offers something to suit every taste and budget. There are tons of bars where you can have a drink and chill out, some of them are located at the coast, allowing you to enjoy a night walk along the beach as well. You can also find the best places to dance, where you can have a lot of fun while meeting a lot of people. There are many famous nightclubs in Barcelona, where the most recognized DJs play.

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