Ready for spring? Then you should not read

Ready for spring?  Then you should not read

In southern Norway, many have been able to enjoy the warmth of the sun on their faces, and in recent weeks have had a coffee outside and in a corner. But it will unfortunately take some time before spring arrives here, says Olav Krogster, a meteorologist in Stormgio.

– We will have to wait a little longer for spring. In the future it will still be quiet, Crogster tells TV2.

But the meteorologist has more than enough negative news to report. Next week starts very well.

Severe low pressure

– Across southern Norway on Monday and Tuesday, the weather will be fine south of Ålesund. Yes, there will be more delays across the country on Tuesday, says Krogster.

But on Wednesday, then everything turns around.

The meteorologist observes a strong low pressure area coming from Iceland and the United Kingdom.

Strong low pressure will lead to a southeastern storm in western Norway, and there will be snow and ice in the low-lying areas.

– On Wednesday, strong low pressure spreads south, with gale forecast for Gail and a lot of rain south of Stad on Wednesday and Thursday, the meteorologist said.

Half a meter of snow

North of the stand, low pressure is expected to make landfall near Trondheim on Thursday.

– Strong winds and rain on Wednesday and Thursday will cause hot days in many places, says Krogster.

– What about a recent hint of spring in southern Norway?

This blue title in Sultan should be lubricated with a little patience, longing for spring. Photo: Jarle Lunde

– Unfortunately, for the next 10 days I did not see anything reminiscent of spring temperatures.

At the same time, the meteorologist sees in his reports a lot of rain, in the form of snow.

Sarlandet is the wettest place in the world.

– On Wednesday, 20-30 mm of rain will fall in Sarland and the interior of Agadir. Thursday is the same. So there will be half a meter of pure snowfall on Wednesday and Thursday in the highlands of the interior agglomeration and lowlands, Krogster says.

Polar low pressure

Sent by meteorologists on Saturday Danger warning in Trondhelog, Strong storms were reported in some areas on Sunday.

Danger warnings were canceled on Sunday night as the polar low pressure was weaker than expected.

Extreme levels of snow and thunderstorms are expected outside the Og Romsdale and Trentelag areas on Sunday, with heavy snowfall expected locally until Sunday. In the morning.

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