“Re: Life on the Aran Islands” Re-Art: Repetition of Reporter Magazine on TV and Online

"Re: Life on the Aran Islands" Re-Art: Repetition of Reporter Magazine on TV and Online

On Tuesday (4.1.2022) there was “Again: Life in the Aranian Islands” on TV. Read the report “Where Young Irish Gaelic Learns” magazine, when and where you can find it on “Classic” TV or online at the Media Library, here at news.de.

Re: Great lack of wood in art
Image: Broadcast by Art and FUNKE Program Guides

On Tuesday (January 4, 2022) “Re: Leben auf den Aran Islands” was shown on TV at 7:40 pm. If you have a news magazine art Couldn’t watch episode 811 (“Where Young Irish Gaelic Study”), but Definitely Want to Watch: Check out the Art Media Library. Many TV donations are offered online as video on demand to stream it – and especially after television-related broadcasts.. You can usually find the program in the media library after it has aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Arte TV once again shows “Where Irish Youth Learn Gaelic”: Am 5.1.2022 A 12:15 pm.

“Again: Life in the Aran Islands” on TV: That’s “Young Irish Learners Learning Gaelic”

Less than two percent of Irish people speak Irish Gaelic well, and the language is on the verge of extinction. But a school in the Aran Islands, 50 kilometers off the west coast of Ireland – wants to stop it. Irish youth can learn Irish here. (Source: Art, broadcast by FUNKE Program Magazines)

“Again: Life in the Aranian Islands” on TV: All the information at a glance

Consequence: 811 (“Where Young Irish Gaelic Study”)

Theme: Where Irish youth study Gaelic

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Repetition is on: 5.1.2022 (12:15 pm)

Powered by Blogger: art

Year of production: 2021

Long: 35 minutes

In HD: Yes

All broadcast dates for “Re: Life on the Aran Islands” on TV

You can find more episodes of “Re: Life on the Aran Islands” when and where:

Episode Name (s) Series Consequence Date Time Sender Duration of time
Youth Poverty in Germany 812 6.1.2022 12:15 pm art 35 minutes
Seeds against the Swedish government 610 6.1.2022 7:40 pm art 35 minutes
How calm is everyday life 813 7.1.2022 7:40 pm art 35 minutes
Sustainable trade in the Mediterranean Sea 814 11.1.2022 12:15 pm art 35 minutes
In the Fellowship Against Anti-Semitism 815 11.1.2022 7:40 pm art 35 minutes

(Season and episode numbers are provided by the respective broadcasters and may differ from those in the official episode guides)

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