Ray-Ban Stories, a feature that is one step ahead of everything, will now be used by WhatsApp

WhatsApp delights us with the introduction of a function that aims to add a different setting than everything else. In fact, he seems to allow us to communicate through glasses; it is true?

We should be happy with such an update – Androiditaly.com

New update for WhatsApp Adds functionality never seen before; Seems to be Developers They worked hard for its launch Quickly. It is believed that it will be the best way to continue New type of development If society thinks otherwise, it is because we believe Strongly That we should talk about the past Introduced Correct for this reason.

Ma Who are we talking about Accuracy? Apparently it has been found since From WhatsApp BetaSuspicious app we can use through glasses Ray-Ban Stories. To be more specific, we can To interact With Users As we have just mentioned.

Information about the activity

Ray-Ban Stories, which is one step ahead of everything else, will now use WhatsApp
Using glasses as a means of communication is not a bad idea – Androiditaly.com

Considering that it is necessary to open WhatsApp, Touch il Menu key alto A That’s right And go to the “Connected Devices” section. The time we connect them, the glasses Ray-Ban stories They will appear on the list along with others Tools Connected Before. Obviously none of this is surprising, in fact we are talking about A management Absolutely reliable and predictable Very organized.

And the fact that this section is now openly acknowledged i Ray-Ban Stories This is, in essence, a confirmation of the work actually progressing In this Moment Each To add A particular mode of communication. Anyway, how Each other Product Linked to account, do a Tap On Sound Submitted To access a pop-up menu listing Data E I do not know Of final operation, with the possibility of disconnection Tool From profile.

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However, while it is interesting, it does have a function in question Experimental phaseThat means we will have to wait until i gets it too Beta Tester. of course They will come Other important details will follow, so expect news to follow Meta Be in it Please update Than other updates.

In the meantime we are waiting for you We suggest To observe what might be Announcements Important Regarding the development of the company; The meta continues unabated Own PlansIt will not be weird when optimized Sides of smart glassesHe also decides to focus on other possibilities Suggestions Directly from WhatsApp.

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