Ratkrogan: The cradle to another world, the cradle of Halloween

Ratkrogan: The cradle to another world, the cradle of Halloween

In the 1990s, a team of Irish scientists using remote sensor technology to uncover archaeological secrets underground that the fields and meadows of Roscommon were Ratkrogan’s former site.

“The good thing about the research done so far in Rathrogan is that so much has been discovered, even without the excavations that could destroy the monuments in the landslide,” says Daniel Curley. We now have the opportunity to carry out targeted excavations. We hope this will help us find answers to our questions, but it will minimize the potential damage. “

UNESCO World Heritage Site coming soon?

Maintaining the integrity and authenticity of Ratkrogan also plays a role in terms of tourism. Despite its great importance, this site is still relatively unknown outside of Ireland, and is mainly visited by visitors from this region. According to Daniel Curley, things would have been different if this place had been advertised as the origin of Halloween. But there is no active reference to this connection in Ratkrogan or the nearby village of Tulsk.

It can be assumed that the popularity of the site will increase rapidly after it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Irish government lists bloodshed as one of the “Royal Sites of Ireland” on the list of places nominated for this special status. If the project is successful, it should attract more visitors.

Historical jewelry is unlikely to burn as a kitsch tourist attraction. “If Rathgrogan is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will certainly bring great benefits. Among other things, the protection of the site will be ensured through subsidies,” says Daniel Curley. “But we want sustainable tourism – not a Halloween theme park.”

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