Rare meteorite found in England may contain information about the formation of life

Rare meteorite found in England may contain information about the formation of life

Scientists are puzzled by what a rare meteorite that fell into the British sky on February 28 reveals about life on Earth.

The meteorite had burned the sky of the United Kingdom, and it will eventually happen 300 g space rock Very rarely harvested Winchcomb in Gloucestershire. Scientists hope to better understand the formation of our solar system and the Earth. Thanks to this, it literally fell from the sky.

A unique meteorite, the only one in the UK

According to the researchers analyzing the fragments, The rock is formed Carbonaceous chondrite. This material is particularly interesting because it is one of the most primitive objects in the Solar System BBC.

This type of meteorite may contain organic matter and amino acids. To give you The extent of the famine This type of meteorite, Press release from the Museum of Natural History in London To explain: “There are about 65,000 known meteorites on Earth. Of those, 1,206 had only visual witnesses Only 51 are carbonaceous chondrites. It was the first known carbonaceous chondrite to be found in the UK. It is the first meteorite to be discovered in the UK in 30 years.Moreover, this meteorite Originates from a specific position in the asteroid belt, and only in that 40 of 65,000 meteorites Originating on earth.

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Its unique form does not end there. In fact, these meteorites were also very valuable because they did not exist Time of soil contamination Because scientists recovered them very quickly. according to CNN, They “The quality and quantity are comparable to rock samples returned from space missions“.

Said the scientist who discovered them Press release Explains his feelings: “Opportunity to be one of the first people to discover and study as soon as a meteorite falls A dream come true !

What secrets can she reveal?

Meteorites are part of asteroids or comets that often appear from a very young age It is 4,567 million years old.

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Recently, scientists have been making more incredible discoveries about the presence of water in space. at this time Mars has been found to have liquid oceans and rivers, What Giant moons have underground, liquid, or icy oceans, such as Jupiter or Saturn At some point on these planets or moons, primitive life is likely to emerge.

Scientists are surprised at this situation Where does life originate from? The structure of this meteorite will make them conscious at this point, which has long plagued researchers: Is life alien?

As explained in the press release, “They are the most primitive and purest material in the Solar System, and can give us unique information about where water and the building blocks of life formed.“.

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