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Rare ‘Blue Moon’ to appear on Halloween for the first time in two decades

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Halloween fans will be treated to the “once in the blue moon” phenomenon this year because the night sky will be illuminated by a spooky full moon.

We first saw a full moon on October 31st in almost two decades, the last being in 2001, according to experts.

Astrologers tell of a full moon Halloween It only happens every 18 to 19 years, which means it could be the hottest Halloween at least until 2038.

This year’s celebrations will no doubt be different than usual, and ‘Blue Moon’ will definitely make the holidays as exciting as ever.

It will be the first full moon on Halloween in about two decades

Although the name may remind you that you are going to see a blue moon in the sky, a full moon is actually called a ‘blue moon’ when it is the second in a calendar month – because it is very rare.

According to NASA, a full moon on Halloween will not happen again in two decades, so this is definitely a great opportunity for Stargazers.

According to NASA, once you use the phrase “once on a blue moon” you will be lucky (or unlucky) to see it in your lifetime.

The moon will be a “micro moon” – it happens when a full moon is too far away from the earth.

Fortunately, people in Europe hope to get a better view of the event, so we hope you can enjoy it as part of your Halloween activities.

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