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Raptors vs. Celtics: Kyle Lowry proves to be the clutch play-off scorer for Toronto alongside poet Leonard.

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when Poet Leonard Chosen to join Los Angeles Clippers It appeared last summer Toronto Raptors‘The championship window was closed as soon as it was opened. Raptors, behind coach Nick Nurse Pascal Siak, Fred Van Vleet And Norman Powell, Completed the segmented regular season with the second-best pass percentage in the league – ahead of Leonard’s Clippers LeBron James – It did little to repel the exploitation associated with the possibility of recurrence.

Sure, they’re a great regular-season team, the thought is gone, but who’s going to turn saffron into the clutch bucket winner that every championship team needs? Will it be Siakam? Maybe VanVleet?

After the stunning performance in Raptors’ 125-122 Game 6 Double Overtime Wins Above Boston Celtics Wednesday night, Kyle Lori He made it clear that he was looking for Toronto, and he was under our noses the whole time. With 33 points, eight rebounds, six assists and a turnover in 53 (!) Minutes, Lori attracted the Raptors to a Game 7, to keep the quest to repeat at least one game.

Lori had 15 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, and with 12 seconds left in the game he iced the game with a fadeway jumper to give the Raptors a four-point lead.

His performance was reminiscent of Game 6 – when he scored 21 first-half points in the first half of last year’s final, the Lori series. Golden State Warriors – And it makes you wonder why Leonard didn’t immediately rush Lori to fill his clutch shoes.

Even as you move into Game 6, you can hear the Pandits shouting, “Climb up Siakam.” “Zia needs to be the best player in the Raptors.” “They don’t win a title by playing like Siacom.” The popularity of LeBron James and the signature lorry seems to be declining between the three consecutive post-season beats of the Raptors. Cleveland Cavaliers He persuaded us to ignore him.

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Lori’s playoff history is often shared by his former teammate and current best friend Dimar Diroson17.9 points, 6.6 assists, 4.3 rebounds, 35 percent 3-point shooting – lorry stats. Last week, with the Raptors facing a 3-0 setback for the Celtics, Lori scored 31 points, eight assists and six rebounds, throwing the most clutch pass in Raptor history. OG Anunobi Across the court for the 3-pointer that wins the game.

What Lori did, and what every clutch playmaker has to do, is demonstrate a willingness to adapt. In Game 3, he makes up his mind to go to the frontier early and often, mainly removing Toronto’s horror from the equation outside of shooting. Take a look at the first possession of the game.

In Game 6, Lori took a different approach. The Celtics were loading paint on his drives, so Lori did it from the outside, knocking out 6 -10 3-pointers and making a wide range of mid-range jumpers.

In Game 3, Lori scored 12 shots on his way to his 31 points. In Game 6 on Wednesday, he took just three shots on his way to 33. For years, shot charts have been telling the story.

This is a sign of a senior player who will take the defense instead of forcing the problem. Coach Nick worked regularly as a nurse and raptor Kemba Walker Switched to the lorry in Game 6, he persuaded them to pay the price. The debate over whether Lori is a Hall of Famer has been rampant in the series, but it’s hard to argue against him after what he’s done over the past few weeks.

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“I like to have the privilege of standing by to see it, because it’s something to see and see. I never take it lightly,” the nurse who played Lori said on Sunday. “It’s a great skill to be able to play hard. It’s a skill that is not often talked about.

But the Raptors realized that playing hard was not enough. You need a close to gradually stop things and play the clutch. Poet Leonard was last post season. This year it’s Kyle Lori. If Toronto are to go ahead they will have to be smart in Game 7 on Friday.

“We had to work hard for this win,” Lori said after Game 6. “For us, personally, that’s what we do – play hard. We go out there and play like we’ll have all our possessions and find ways to get out wins.

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